~::~ [A-Z Challenge] ~ (Y)our Love ~::~

Day 25 A-Z Challenge, Y = (Y)our Love (Free verse)

~::~ (Y)our Love ~::~


These are times when I need you around

To make me feel loved and special

While the aura of our love surrounds

And by you I lay securely nestled

These are times when I need you close

To hold on to and hug me tight

Twiddling away with each others toes

And squealing in pleasured delight

These are times when i need you beside

To encapsulate me in your strong arms

Our playful fingers tightly entwined

While in your breath my mellow heart warms

These are time when I need you with me

To kiss me tender ‘neath pearlescent moonlight

Butterfly touches sending souls a’glee

And passion that shines blindingly bright


Picture Courtesy  –  Google, Keywords – moonlight Couples

~::~ [A-Z Challenge] ~ Voices ~::~

Day 22 A-Z Challenge, V = Voices (Free Verse)

~::~ Voices ~::~


I am a free bird, set me a’free

But I hear voices all around me


Catch her

Smash her

Bring her down

Control her

Crush her

Make her drown


Breaking away from this cacophony

And yet I hear voices all around me


Breaking chains

Ears strain

Searching for relief

Narrow lanes

Pounding veins

Hiding like a thief


Cowering in shadows like an escapee

I worry about the voices all around me


Choices prime

Happiness sublime

But they don’t approve

Everything’s crime

Stuck in slime

My worth I must prove


I am a free bird, please set me a’free

Alas! I still hear voices all around me


Picture Courtesy  – Google, Keywords =  Voices

~::~ [A-Z Challenge] ~ Tranquilizer ~::~

Day 20 A-Z Challenge, T = Tranquilizer (Free Verse)

 ~::~ Tranquilizer ~::~


I’ve never slept so soundly before

I’ve never felt tranquil 

I’ve never felt so complete before

To my fragile heart’s fill


I’ve never felt so important before

I’ve never felt alive

I’ve never been in love before

All I did was thrive


You came as rain to my flower

As blood through my veins

An antidepressant that calms me

And tranquilizer to my pain


Your thoughts give me confidence

They are the wind ‘neath my wings

Your love gives me the strength

To fly higher than all beings..


Picture Courtesy – Google, Keywords – Sleep