~::~ A-Z Theme Reveal ~::~

Ok, so i had officially almost forgotten that April is just a couple of weeks away and I hadnt yet planned on all my posts! :s

Yeah-ah Stupid me! Anyway thankfully, I am now on time to atleast decide a theme and even reveal it.


So my theme is ofcourse – Poetry (Cos apparently thats the only thing I’m good at) and Poetry Types.

Yes, I am gonna start with Poetry types being my main focus  – consisting of both classic poetry types and the more recent developments  from the list at Shadow Poetry.

And if there are gaps where there arent any poetry types viz. alphabets U, Y or even Z – i would then pick random words from the said alphabets and write a poetry using pictures as inspiration!

Wow! I really have my work cut out for the next month, havent I?

I really should get started with these types cos some are easy like (A)crostic or (H)aiku but then there are difficult ones as well! So let me get started with my MS Word, you guys look out for Megzone for a month-full of poetry! :D


~::~ Lonely Warrior ~::~

This time I’m combining 3 prompts, one that I created for myself! ;)

My close friend Rajlakshmi posted her trip to the Wollongong Harbour on her photoblog – Twinkled Eyed Traveller

Somehow my muse started frolicking around for want to make that pic as an inspiration and with Sunday Whirl and Three Word Wednesdays giving me such wonderful words I just had to get it all out of my system!!

So my darling Raji, thank you for the pic and here’s the poem! (I hope I did justice to your pic)

~::~ Lonely Warrior ~::~


Perched by the blue pristine waters

I sat hopeless and dismayed

Yearning for an eager soul

To tread along my lonely quay

Like the winding river

Uncut by life’s ephemera

I stand my post day and night

Guiding sea-vessels to terra firma


Cobalt sober sky as my umbrella

Delicate flowers by the harbour

Jagged stones evolving the shore

With foamy waves hitting in ardour


Cobbled pathways leading downstream

Filled with shiny round tiny pebbles

Glistening dew drops like fresh cut diamonds

Lay nestled among the grass petals


Awaiting a content soul

On dark murky nights

I stand there fierce and tall

In my white armour, a lonely knight


Picture Courtesy – Twinkle Eyed Traveller

This is my entry to the Sunday Whirl-

Wordle 200 – WordWhirl200

This is also a last minute entry to Three Word Wednesday -

3WW Week No. 415! (Words highlighted in Brown are prompts for 3WW)

I hope you liked the poem, please leave your comments and brickbats!

PS: Thank you Raji for letting me use the pic! :-*

~::~ Sinister Mister ~::~

This week’s Magpie Tales prompt was pretty darn scary!

It did leave me shivering!

But here’s my take!

~::~ Sinister Mister ~::~

clown 1

Sinister looking clown

New in downtown

He stands there tall

By the decorative wall

Pompous red nose

Clandestine repose

Sparkling sapphire eyes

Sly impish guise

Secretive appearance

With an evil essence

An all pervading smirk

Leaving psyche berserk

Sending shivers down my spine

As we walk by the gargantuan sign

Trundling by the store mighty fast

To get away from the gigantic cast

Scared to my wits I jog away

While he stands tall, smirking my way!


This is my entry to the Magpie Tales Prompt – Mag 259

I hope you liked it! Do leave your comments and brick bats!!

~::~ Cobbled Lanes ~::~

My close friend Tarun posted this pic he had clicked in Leuven and somehow my muse prodded me to write something for the pic. And I promised him I’d give him the picture courtesy so tingu dude – here’s the poem for your pic and thanks for inspiring my muse!! :D

~::~ Cobbled Lanes ~::~


Narrow dusty lanes

Pebbled floors with stains

Cycles parked by walls

Children creating squalls

Summer’s on its way

Schools out, yay!!


Cobbled narrow lanes

Rusty window panes

Temperatures soaring

Birds all chirping

Gentle zephyr blows

Flowers and bees repose


Through myriad winding lanes

To the walls, Bicycles chained

Summer’s just begun

Playful spirits undone

Until next year’s snow fury

People happy and merry


Picture Courtesy  – Tarun Kinger

I hope you liked the poem! Do lemme know your comments and feedback!!!

~::~ Midnight Wanderer ~::~

This time it took me 3 days to complete this poem :cry:

But I’m glad that i completed it.. I started off with an abstract genre and somewhere down the line a story just creeped in! :roll:

~::~ Midnight Wanderer ~::~


Night subdued

Moonlight’s cue

The silence expelled

Like an Angel’s Spell

He lost track of time

In her voice sublime

Like the science of chemistry

He fell in love helplessly

But fate’s act of smite

On this saintly night

His destiny withheld

Until wrestling heart bled

All love lost

And loneliness accosts

With overflowing memories

Yet heart’s empty!

Like a crack in the mirror

Life changed forever

Like sinking pebbles in lake

Near existence filled his wake

And now like the breeze

He wanders among trees!


I hope liked it, please write in your comments and feedback!

This is for the Sunday Word Whirl prompt :

Wordle 199  – 199_wordler

I hope i did some justice to the prompt! :oops:

a unknown_source_

~::~ Nocturnal Chaos ~::~

Keeping up with this cold weather is tough!! Every time I see a better day, whoosh  comes the wind and bam its cold again!!

Anyhoo trying to keep up with regular posts here’s another one a short simple haiku! :)

~::~Nocturnal Chaos~::~

a unknown_source_

Shushing self asleep

Brainwaves working overtime

Silence of the night


I hope you liked it, do lemme know your thoughts and feedback!

This is my entry to Magpie Tales PromptMag 258


~::~ Silence ~::~

Now that I have brushed off the layers of dust that had gathered my blog, I am trying to write more.

Phew! Getting back to writing is tough, it is! There were days when everything was an inspiration and I  could write 3-4 poems a day and then there is now – where it takes me 1-2 days to complete one poem!! :cry:

So well, here’s another poem from the struggling poet factory! :oops:

~::~ Silence ~::~


In my dreams

Sifting moonbeams

I feel at peace

My heart’s at ease

I sit gazing at iridescent moon

Oh this silence is such a boon


Moving through clouds

Like a loner in crowds

Silvery mist swirls around me

‘neath cherry blossom tree

I sit gazing at iridescent moon

Oh this silence is such a boon


Harmonized glimmer of million fireflies

Attributing onset of a titian sunrise

As russet rays pervade the sky

Time to wake up, my heart cries

While a merry songbird croons

Oh the silence was such a boon!


This is my entry to the Poetry Jam prompt – Silence.

Hope you like it and as usual do leave me your comments and feedback!

Picture Courtesy – Google