Hello wordpress-ites


Finally i move to the external blogging world…

This took a loooong time coming…

In these past 2 years i have blogged extensively in my Corporate blogs.. but inspite of innumerable unsuccessful attempts i have never been able to push myself into blogging in the external world..

To a very large extent… it was a fear…

an unknown fear.. of whether someone would even bother reading my blog..

and now after so much of extensive blogging in the cahoots of my corporate blog.. i decided to take the plunge and finally come up with a blog in this part of the world too..

This being my first external blog…. there aint much i’m write about…

I am jus keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this part of the world too accepts my and my posts with open arms… 🙂



4 thoughts on “Hello wordpress-ites

  1. Oyee…
    Welcome to wordpress sweettiiee…
    I have also shifted here.. 😉
    Madam Megs.. 😛
    jyaada soch mat.. you are accepted sweetheart.. 🙂
    Go Team!

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