De Dana Dan….!!!

The moment one of my friends posted a poem as a tribute to the song Paisa from this album in our corporate blogs… an urge to download the songs took over…

And once that takes over…sigh…I move into this bubble where everything other than the download is tuned out

Melodramatic eh 😉

But what else can I do when you have an album like DE DANA DAN to review…


I am such an Angel 🙂 saving your lives and money and Mbs by posting my reviews and saving your ears and thereby your health to..

Sigh..!! I’m a Savior indeed  😀

Hmm…so about this album… ever thought what would happen had Priyadarshan decided to do a Garam Masala part 2  and if it were to be based in the Caribbean islands,… well.. Isn’t it natural then that the songs have a touch of Caribbean flavor to it… with acapella beats et al…. Well this is the very same album only it’s been titled DE DANA DAN instead of GM2 🙂

Sigh Pritam again… God knows how many “copies “in this one … 🙄

But yeaa I can point out the similarities to songs I’ve heard in the past…

So well.. We can re-affirm and reconfirm and reassure ourselves that pritam can never get original…err baring APKGK ofcourse 😀

OK enuff of TP let’s get down to business…err……… Review

Rishte Naate – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan ~ this is supp to be a mellow number… I guess many of you might have seen glimpses of it already on the TV. The song is just about okay-ish… I might grow on you only if you give it a second or third chance (errr…that’s wat happ with me 🙄  ) It has a “Aaj Din ChadeyaLAK effect to it… Not very great but yes listenable

Paisa – Manak-E, RDB, Selina ~ OK now this was a must listen after the poetry by my friend so there I downloaded it… If you ready to experience a different kind of music and you liked DEV D and OYE LUCKY LUCKY OYE (OLLO – title track)… you are sure to like this one… I like it already… it has a lot more OLLO effect to it… maybe cos of the singer but nonetheless if you liked tht one you wud def like this one…

Gale Lag Ja –  Javed Ali and Ban Jyotsna ~ if you’re wondering who the female is…. Lemme remind  you she was one of those who participated in one of those SA RE GA MA PA challenges…  I was almost ready to write off this one as one of Javed Ali’s bad songs… but then I thought for the sake of Javed lemme give the song another try… and Sigh..!! yes indeed you need to listen to 2-3 times to let it grow on you and for you to like this one… okie dokie song… nothing great

Baamulaiza – Mika Singh, Domnique Cerejo, Style Bhai ~ When I first saw the title of the song I was astounded how someone could write a song titled BAAMULAIZA…. The word according to me is reserved only for the Courts when they call up on the Witnesses 😯  By far the best number in this album after Paisa… trust me it’s a cute song… I liked it for one… it has one of those wacky lyrics and tune that can make you like it.. and stick to your mind… remember DIL DING DONG DING BOLE frm Krishna Cottage weird lyrics but went on to become a Chartbuster… ok back to this song… It’s cute I like it… im already humming it… but for those who haven’t heard it… its similar to tht KISS ME BABY from Garam Masala… similar effect and in some places even reminds me the paras part of Chor Bazari from LAK.. pretty cute song indeed 😀

Hotty Naughty – Sunidhi Chauhan ~ Don’t stare at the title of the song.. blame the Lyricist… I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw NEERAJ SRIDHAR had written the lyrics… maaan… I was ROFL-ing thru the lyrics of the song… trust me.. this a typical RAKHI SAWANT type of number.. I wont be surprised if its picturised on any skimpily clad item gal…  🙄 sigh…!!  😦 what more can you expect with lyrics like this :-

Feel me touch me hold me now

Im hotty naughty baby come

Sunidhi…wat on earth are you singing such songs.. are you crazy or are you sooo dying for work that you sing such obnoxious, atrocious, idiotic, stupid, dumb, horrible, terrible,  awful, nasty, malicious, vicious, detestable, appalling, dreadful, horrendous, despicable, revolting, pathetic, abominable, horrific song…. Whew!!! (lemme catch my breath) I cant think of anymore adjectives… Somebody  Help…!!!  I need more words for this… 😳

Rishte Naate Remix  – Kunal Ganjawala Suzanne DeMello~ I would say this one’s better than the original version.. I liked the music… its def better than the orig one in many places… theres an instant urge to tap your foot when the music begins… though I hate remixes unless they are good and proper remixes… but this one’s passable..

Baamulaiza Ragga mix – Pritam, Mika, Domique Style bhai ~ I’m not sure if its supposed to be a RAAGA mix or a REGGAE mix.. 🙄  nonetheless there aint no difference when you listen to this or the orig version… Since I liked the orig.. undoubtedly I like this one… again I say.. cute song

Gale Lag Jaa – Javed Ali BanJyotsna Domique ~ for a loong time I thought it was alisha singing but there was some gadbad in her voice… its only wen I saw the singer name I realized how close BanJyo’s voice is to Alisha… there’s a certain huskiness in her voice… which is better in this version.. again it’s a passable number and as usual Javed is the saving grace

Hotty Naughty – Kalpana Patwari ~  I was ROFL-ing thru the orig and I did same again… 😆

What I don’t understand is why do music directors feel that u just need to increase the pace of the song and make the music loud enuff to overdo the voice of the singer and VOILA..!! it’s a remix..!! 😡

I hate remixes…esp these kinds of remixes… where o where are the DJ Aqeels and Akbar Samis vanished 😐  have they been usurped by some unknown alien that we don’t knw about….?? my college DJ’s stuff  were  better than PRITAM’s Remixes I guess 😈

Baamulaiza Remix – same singers ~ cute again 😀  no more comments 🙂

De dana Dan – AD Boys~ I dunno who they are but the song is a typical Akki Kumar song … pretty much similar to GM songs… I dunno why did Priyadarshan bother to even rope in Pritam… When all he had to do is get a 12 yr old kid and ask him to re-work on the GM songs  🙄 wat else has pritam done… and he gets paid for all this crap… Jeezzz I should take to music directing too 😐

If Priyam has tht much money to spend I guess I could music direct all his movies…. 😆  all I need to do is pick up songs from his old movie add a bit of beats here n ther… increase/decrease the pace of the song… get new singers and EUREKA we have a new album ready for Priyam’s new movie..

Paisa Club Mix – Same singers ~ if you like the original you like this one too nothing different… 🙂

My rating for this one 2/5 and that 2 to comes in only for the following:

Paisa  = 0.75

Baamulaiza =  0.75

Gale Lag Ja = 0.35

Rishte Naate = 0.15

😀 😛 🙂

If you guys struggle with MATHEMATICS  contact me I’m a genius… 😈

Trust me guys this album is definitely not worth all the time and KBs I have wasted yesterday 😥

 sorry DAD.. tempation made me do it..  😥

And wen it comes to albums … I suffer from start to finish in these too once I start with one song… I do not stop till the whole album is downloaded… and somehow I prefer downloading the songs one by one… Somehow it feels as if the download works faster and lesser MBs consumed too 😀

Sigh…!!! So long guys do listen to Paisa and Baamulaiza and gimme your thoughts…

Err…on seconds thoughts try Gale Lag Jaa too

Cheerios..!!! :mrgreen:



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