Oh! Shit Not Again..!!

Now my offerings to humble souls (sounds like aiding the ill/ppl at deathbed?? Well ur reading my posts…aren’t you..?? It’s pretty much equivalent to the same )… of the Reading world… a Book review…

Mind you…!! My FIRST ever book review ……taaan tadaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn…………. 😀

Kkieekkieekkiee :mrgreen:

If you’re ready to jeopardize your sane mind…Go ahead…

If you don’t mind a lame concoction of crassness…friendship…and so called LOVE…Read on…

If you’re ready for a poor man’s version of Five Point Someone… Go Right Ahead….!!

If you like Chetan Bhagat….stop…!!

If you liked FPS…Stop Right There…!!!

And if you still cherish the book and have lovely memories of the same…Don’t even bother to get beyond this….!!!!!!!

Cos there’s nothing more than Trash in here…

Don’t tarnish those memories…!!

Well… if you have still managed to reach here and still wish to know what I’m talking about… Please READ AT YOUR OWN RISK..!!! Don’t complain…I’ve WARNED you already…

To start with I had heard quite a bit about this book… from booksellers…friends (who were unfortunate enuff to read this…well…Some did like it though…)

I even happen to overhear a gang of college goers discussing about this

Whatever kids these days are up to..?? 🙄

And welll…. I must admit the back cover intrigued me… And for me the back cover decides whether I read the book or no… (I guess most of us are like that…)

So after my first brush of interest with the back cover I went ahead and bought the book… but something in me prompted me to hit the local Bookstall-cum-Library rather than hitting Crosswords…!!

So I only got a second hand version for less than half tht price of the original…Well… my instincts do work over-time sometimes

Here’s presenting “OH! SHIT NOT AGAIN..!!” by Mandar Kokate

He’s a Civil Engineer turned writer… This is his first book and I guess it was FPS that might have inspired him…Cos I see a lot of influence of the Chetan Bhagat book in this…Well… there is nothing great about the Story… it more or less like a commercial masala film..Complete with love, friendship, chaos, grief, infidelity, comic and sexual interludes…welll Murder thrown in toooo..!!!

It’s a story of 5 friends Raj (the hero), Aarthi (his heroine), Seema and Andy (another love struck couple in the gang) and Sam (the trouble maker and victim of many troubles too). The story is set in their society in Pune…

The story mostly revolves around Raj whose father is transferred to Pune and he moves into the society where the other 4 already reside… Most of the story takes place just a couple of weeks before and during the 11 day grandeur of Ganesh Festival… The story starts with Raj moving in, getting introduced to the others and how pretty soon they all become thick friends… With the preparations towards the festival begins the love begins to blossom too… In Aarthi’s heart for Raj n vice versa and Seema for Andy… Sam is someone who generally is the trouble maker for Raj as he ends up coming to him exactly when there are some intimate moments with Aarthi… and he also creates some troubles himself too thru which Raj bails him out… During these preparations for the festival Raj proposes to Aarthi and she accepts meanwhile Andy proposes Seema and she too accepts… During one of the events in the 11day festival, Raj comes across Sejal, mother of Khushi, wife of Mr.Kapoor who is infidel to her…  She asks him to drop Khushi after the event and when he does she tries to seduce him… and when he runs away thinking abt Aarthi… She calls him the next day and explains her problem to him and wants to rope in Raj as her boyfriend so she can teach her cheating hubby a lesson… Well, Raj agrees and in the process they do end up falling for each other… When Mr.Kapoor confronts Raj and Sejal… they are both dumbfounded and helpless… Raj escapes to his house where he is being beaten up by goons and Sam for once saves him… Sejal seeks divorce from her hubby but he in turn tries to burn her alive, somehow she manages to escape his clutches and Raj helps her get a flat for some days… Meanwhile there is a murder in the society and since Raj was around the scene of the murder he’s taken into custody on suspicions…That’s the one and only time when Sam proves his true friendship and resolves the murder issue…meanwhile Sejal manages to obtain divorce and desires to elope with Raj, Raj too is ready… every one’s shaken with his decision and Aarthi is heartbroken…by the time Raj reaches home and expresses his desire to elope with Sejal and move to Nashik and convinces his parents about his decision he gets a phone call from Sejal’s cell only to find her house owner calling up to inform him Sejal and Khushi have consumed poison…. Sejal and Khushi leave his life leaving all her properties and money to him and he gets married to Aarthi and with Sejal’s money opens a Restaurant named “Sejal and Khushi” within a year after marriage Aarthi delivers twins who are again named Sejal and Khushi… Andy and Seema get married… Sam too manages to find a GF as hefty as him and manages to settle down in life..

That’s all…The End… nothing special…

The reason im nt too impressed with the story… is because the friendship and the sexual interludes seemed inspired by FPS…but Mandar has gone overboard with the concept of sexuality in adolescence/youth… it is completely atrocious and obnoxious to have your lead man in the story having his hormones run haywire everytime he seems a voluptuous woman… right from his maternal cousin to his house maid (and we blame Shiney Ahuja n the recent AXE man ) And someone who is ready to leave his GF Aarthi after sharing numerous intimate and magical moments jus to be the Knight in Shining Armour for a lady only cos she sends his hormones errant…

Its crappity crap…!! Dumb and downright dumb…it’s ok for a light read… but after enjoying stuff like 5 Point Someone and One Night at a Call Centre… reading this is downright derogatory to your sane mind… I’m glad my instincts worked well this time and I dint hit the Crosswords to get the original…

I saved around 90-100 bucks …. Like my Dad always lectured me ”A penny saved is a penny earned

Rejoice! Dad I made you proud I can put this 90/100 bucks to better use and get a saner book

Mind you I’m only presenting my point of view… The reason this is book is receiving flak from me is cos the initial pages gave me an expectation of something better ahead… but sadly the latter pages don’t live up to the expectations.. I guess Mandar is not only a Chetan Bhagat fan but also watches a lot of masala movies… imagine throwing in tragedy like Sejal’s death and a Murder amidst a youth book… And this being his first attempt at writing books he needs to brush up his writing skills biiigg time… welll I know many of you might even grumble “as if she is a good writer herself..Hhhmmmppfff… ask us how we jhelo-fy her stuff..?? but guys I don’t publish books now do I..??

I don’t even have an external blog (though I have many unsuccessful attempts at the same)… so I’m plain writing only for a few masses who do bother to read the mediocre stuff I write

Thank you guys…!!! I’m not complaining… please read and leave as many comments as possible…  😉 Hopefully someday I might turn a new leaf and write saner and better stuff

Cheerio guys..!! Do let me know you opinions…

ppsstt…. thats not the original book cover… i tried to reconstruct the same using powerpoint and paint as i wasnt gettin the original pic on google

bad google 👿

6 thoughts on “Oh! Shit Not Again..!!

  1. All i can say is thanks for making that cover page design …. it was a easy job to put it on my blog too…
    n yeah one more thing i m amazed n equally impressed by wat u’ve written down for the newbie author

    • heyy welcome to my blog 😀
      and glad to see someone hunting down my older posts and bothering to comment on them
      somehow couldnt visit ur blog as it seems to have been blocked in my ofice…
      nice to have u here

  2. Shivangi says:

    Kindred spirit…although I dunno why you didn’t out the unnecessary out-of-place use of big, heavy words like “preclude”, “perjure”, “impede” that SOOOO reflect Mandar’s pathetically desperate attempt at being a good writer…maybe he discovered that there’s something called a thesaurus the same day as he decided to kill his boredom writing ‘Oh Shit, Not Again!’…or maybe we couild just leave out the words “Oh”, “Not” and “Again” from the title…

  3. priyanka says:

    I was juss reading this book. Saw the line on at the beginning ‘beware. U may die laughing” neither it was funny enough to even put a smile nor it had ny good storyline. Its the worst book I’ve bought till now. N hate the way he exaggerates sexuality n he himself seems so desperate. N I agree chetan bhagat is the one he’s trying to copy.he is not even close to chetan.I would suggest him to stop writting shit. Or go n write for sm porn magazine if he’s so obsessed with boobs. Everytime I cm across sexual lines in this book I feel like slapping this man’s pic inside the cover. Bad example for young minds..

  4. ankita says:

    Nyc book i lyke it u mst hav 2 publish sum more buks… Its jst a story of ones lyf nt any spiritual or syllabus buk to learn from it., jst read it sportingly… Nd i feel bad wen they both died atlest khushi dnt hav 2 die… I thnk if i’ll b there i fall in luv with Raj…

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