Ajab Prem Ki Gajab kahani…

I managed to catch up on this one over the last weekend… it’s a nice movie… again a typical commercial masala movie…

Caution –  leave ur grey cells home when u go to watch a hindi movie…

Yes… Hindi movies are meant for just pure fun, some time-pass chilling whilst u enjoy some popcorn , chips and cold drinks.. that’s all you’re not supposed to question wat happ, why it happ, who did wat and why?? You are jus supposed to enter the theater, watch the movie, enjoy the time spent there and return home reminiscing those few moments that you enjoyed…

Yes… that’s my advice for anyone watching any Hindi Movie…

No I am not criticizing the movie makers at all.. I am only placing my views on movies in general… if you want to break ur heads on when wat why where how.. you should watch english movies or catch up on movies like “Darmiyaan”, “Daman, “Matrubhoomi” 🙄

Anyways… back to the review… 😛

I liked the Movie… its simple and its clean romantic comedy…

Raj Kumar Santhoshi claimed it wud be better than Andaz Apna Apna… Naah… I won’t say that… AAA has its own place in Hindi Cinema… that I don’t think any other movie can take its place… unless our movie directors can think upon a good clean comical plot…

I say clean all the time cos both these movies don’t have any double meaning, pun intended , cheesy slapstick lines… 👿

Both AAA and APKGK are pretty clean movies… the humor is clean… there are no Govinda/David Dhawan double meaning jokes here…. 😡

Ranbir again excels in comedy… I think he can carve himself a place in the romantic comedy type roles… I feel he’s better suited for that… cos even wen he makes a sad face u feel “Awwww…poor fellow” but not with tears in your eyes but a smile in ur face…  His histrionics as a lover boy, with a touch of lost look and the president of Happy Club is really cute… 🙂

If you’ve noticed WUS (WAKE UP SID) there too it was his comic streak and the Dude in Distress look that won him the accolades. I don’t think he can pick up serious roles like his father did… his father was err…rather is still the best Chocolate Hero we’ve had for a loooong time now….i don’t think even SRK can take the baton of Chocolate Hero from Rishi… Though Shahid is a strong contender for the post.. but with Kaminey I think he has proved he can do serious stuff too 🙂

Katrina… I am not sure if she can really act well… As far as she doesn’t open her mouth I guess she can be watched on screen 😈 but criticisms apart… I think she has done pretty well too… sigh… I guess im jus being Diplomatic… but I guess we haven’t seen Kats in a humorous role before… if you consider Maine Pyar Kyu Kiya…. She was more of a Lost in the woods kinda female there… So I guess this is her first stint in comedy according to me… Singh is king dint have her doing any comedy mind you.. She was just the showpiece in the movie If I may say so…

The songs are great…I’ve already given my reviews on them.. if you’ve missed it you could always read it here….The picturisation too is pretty good… as usual I loved the Atif Aslam and Javed Ali songs… both Audio and Video :mrgreen:

The story,  I guess most of you might have read the reviews and many might have watched it already… So I’m not gonna talk much about that… I would prefer talking of some scenes that I liked and still remain fresh in my memory…. 😉

The first of the scenes that I remember is when the guys ask one of their dad’s friends for a place to start their Happy Club… loved it… The lines where Ranbir’s father scolds “tu bas kool kool karte reh namakool…” I was laughing pretty bad then… 😆 

The time when Ranbir keeps repeating wat Kats told him “Tum bahut achche ho, I like you “esp wen his father’s passing by…. and his father says “thank you…” ROFL the scene 😆

Dressed in a crisp ironed shirt with tie “maa main kaam pe jaa raha hoon maa” only to see him get into a halwai shop to make moti choor ke ladooss…maaannn that was hilarious…. 😀

The scene where both a local dada and the Happy Club decide to kidnap Upen Patel on his birthday, the way they all are dressed identical (White n white, with bow-ties, french beard and a big black mole on their cheeks 😆 ) and they realize it only at the party.when they face each other..simple comedy but nice…  🙂

The last action scene where everytime she tries to help him and ends up beating him on the head and he says “kya kar rahi ho jenny” “help kar rahi hoon prem” “tumhe help karna hai naa jenny th please kisi kone mein jaakar baith jao“  😀

And again when she beats him under the pretext of helping,  he says “Jenny tum kiske side pe ho..”Tumhare side pe prem…” “pakka, sure… lock kar doo”  😛 

kkiieekkiieekkiiee  😆

And the typical clichéd ending where at the day of the marriage the Damsel in Distress realizes how much she loves him… sigh…!!

But there’s one line that really captured my attention in the whole movie.. naah guys this one’s not a funny sequence or a humorous line… it’s a scene where Ranbir comes to meet Kats whose workin as an assistant in the nearby library he asks her “tum kabhi bore nahi hoti yaha” and she says “no I like it here… books are your best friends… they just give you company… they are anybody’s best friends.. They neither demand nor expect.. They just give you company

I was like “Awwww….sooooo truuueee” Books are a man’s errr woman’s too best friends… all I need is a good book, my iPod and pref incessant supply of hot tea 🙂 and my day is made… 😉

They neither expect nor demand… no frustrations, no fights, no issues… just plain company… 🙂

Overall it’s a nice movie… I might give it a 3/5…

If you don’t mind some mindless comedy and time pass you can watch this one for sure 🙂

It’s not a must watch but it’s definitely not worth a miss too… 🙂

Keep Rocking…!! Keep Smiling…!!! Keep Blogging…!!!!



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