Honesty is such a lonely word… Everyone’s so untrue..

Well…the title has nothing to do with the content of the post

It is a song by Beyonce, a song that i am hooked on to… the music reminds me of Hotel California… but the lyrics are awesome… no this aint a music review post tooo… i can jus relate too well with the song.. cos of my personal ordeal and hurt i have been through,…..

Sparked by this song are a few lines from moi…!!!

I sincerely hope you guys like this……its jus different…!!!



You kept me in the dark

To grope on my own

You gave me but a mark

Agonies of the unknown


Acts of your present

Come rushing to throttle me

And yet you never assent

That you were on a spree


You denied everytime I

Asked you what went wrong?

You even went to say my

Love for you wasn’t strong


Your late night calls

Hours spent messaging

Brought your own falls

And Fear presaging


U came home late

Drunk and fazed

Crashing at the gate

And room all razed


You lied, you cheated

You even betrayed me

Still all you said is

That its not wat I see


With nothing at all

To hold on to

Jus night long brawl

And bitterness cut through


I cant take it any more

My eyes hurt, hands shiver

My heart sore

And voice but quiver


In a desperate attempt

To find peace and some solace

To get away from your contempt

Save myself from disgrace


I wanna move over

And turn on a new chapter

But u still wanna hover

And have me, your my captor


Wont let it happen this instance

Wont let my dreams astray

You’ve had your ample chance

This time I’ll get my way…!!!



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