I Love you Paa.

 I love you Paa..

Naaah naa..

This aint no confession or proclamation of my love for Hrithik… 😈

But rather this is a music review of the movie Paa.

If there has ever been any album that has me yearning for more…err.. Baring Kurbaan that is.. Pa comes first in that list.. Kurbaan closely following suit…

Love this Album… if I were to recommend my fave album of the year… im sure Pa. would be the first…

Ilayaraja excels as usual… but like CheeniKum most of the songs were remake of his own old creations…except maybe just 1 which is an original creation in this movie…. Ever heard of the phrase “Old Wine in a New Bottle ” 😉

That’s South Indian songs in Hindi 😛

So let’s get the ball…errr…review rolling…

Mudi mudi ~ Shilpa Rao – This song has 3 versions and all 3 are completely awesome wondrous and an instant hit… the lyrics of the song is somewhat tongue twister-ish but nonetheless the song is simply mind blowing… one of the best in the album… You tend to take an instant liking to the song… well… im already humming the song all the time and im glued to the album… move over Kurbaan, APKGK et all… this song has an Mohanam influence to it… though not exact but u can see a hint of ninnukori varanam (agni natchatiram)..Lovely song… m just stuck to it.. .and with 3 versions.. That’s the only thing going on in my mind…

Halke se Bole~ Children… very cute to hear…  it does sounds pretty much like a heartbreaking song… it has a gloomy effect to it… but it’s a nice listen toooo… This again is an old tune Puttham Puthu kaalai from Alaigal Oyivathillai… Two more info – the original song didn’t feature in that film and remained in the cassettes alone. Balki, the director of ‘Paa’, who was making ad films before, used this tune for Kissan Jam ads.

Gum sum Gum~ Bhavatharini, Shravan &Chorus… a very appealing piece..The music is simply charming… you just want to keep hearing again n again… this one again is a remake of an old tune “thumbi va” from a Malayalam movie Olangal… also Sunday ko from a film called Aur Ek Prem Kahani

Lovely song this one is… if you have heard the originals and liked it you might def like this one too.. Somewhere in between the music orchestrations remind me of Mouna Raagam…melodious song and this too might soon become everyone’s favorite..

Gali Mudhi~ Shaan – this is the male version of the song.. This one again has a compassionate yet a touch of grief to it… this seems like one of those numbers where the Actor is reminiscing the past..This is slower in pace compared to the previous one… but definitely an alluring song… Shaan has done complete justice to this song 🙂 In certain places he does remind me of Kumar Sanu… but he excels far better compared to Kumar Sanu…

Hichki Hichki ~ Sunidhi at her best.. These are the kind of songs I expect her to sing.. With her voice modulation and IR’s lilting melodious tunes… it’s a wonder if you don’t like the songs 🙄  I must say her voice modulations in this particular song seems to give a life to the songs.. The variations… the whispers.. The huskiness… simply marvelous…the lyrics are simply superb… but somehow I guess this song is picturised wen Vidya Balan is impeding Abhishek from telling something(some truth I believe) to AB in the movie.. ESP wen u hear lines like

Jaane do naa… jeene do naa

Jeene se roko nahi jaane do naa

Jaane Na wo… Janega tho

Jeeyega aise jaise koi saza

Hastha hai wo kyuki tune abhi kuch Na kaha

Baathon mein hi baton se tu baton ko Na badha

Hothon ki baatein kabhi hothon se jaaye nahi

Hothon pe rehne do Na jaan…

Hats off to Swanand Kirkire… lovely lyrics… and awesome song.. This I guess is the only Fresh piece in this album… though it has an old-heard-before feel to it…

Udhi udhi Ittefaq se ~ Shilpa Rao… another version of the same song… just like the previous 2 this one is magnificent too… Gosh im running out of adjective to express the songs 🙄  …

Mere paa~ Amitabh Bachchan – Save the best for last they say… and yes this according to me is the most endearing song of the album… its jus sooo cute… and it touches the heart-strings… if ever a song has moved me to tears.. This one did..esp the lyrics.. They def need a mention here… read this….

Dikhne mein jhansi ki rani hai paa
sachchi mein meri maa, darpok hai paa
sabka dar chutki mein bhagati hai paa
par sachhchi mein thoda sa ghabrati hai paa
raat ko soti hai
batti na bujhati hai..
Full light on!
Picture mein bhoot dikhe
aankhen band karti hai
khush hoon main tu uske sath hai paa.

Just sooo heartwarming … if ever a child wud sing something like this to their parents.. I’m sure the parents would be proud parents.. And their hearts swelled with pleasure, happiness, pride and yet love.. Love of another kind.. Love that’s touching.. Love.. Unconditional love of parents… aaahh… 😥

M sorry.. .But trust me this is the kind of song that is gonna tug to ur heart strings and play a music.. Music so different.. That u might jus wanna hug the child singing.. Heyyy… that reminds me… AB the singer.. .Awesome… incredible… astounding.. How he has managed to sing in a voice like that im astonished.. I simply don’t have words to express… He needs a standing ovation for this song…

Paa Theme~ if ever there came a movie theme that’s simple awe-inspiring Paa it is… I have already set it as my ringtone 😀  its simply splendid… atleast I loved it… the violin nuances, the usage of the word “Pa” perfect I must say..

Aaahh…. What an album… 🙂

How I just wish there were more songs herein..? 😐

Unlike albums like APKGK which have unnecessary songs..

Here we are just left thirsting for more…. 😥

People please buy the album, download it…whatever but please don’t miss it…

You will thank me…   😀

Eh… 😯

Ok… If not thanking me… 🙄

But atleast u wont regret it 😀

I rate it a 4.5/5 (the negative 0.5 only cos there are fewer songs 😦  (I wannnntttt moooooreeeeee…..)

Keep Rocking..!! Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Blogging…!!!

Cheerios :mrgreen:


Since I have never been much of an IR fan though I like quite a number of his songs.. But somehow… I’m not as much of a fan of him as I am of ARR, SEL and VS (whose songs I generously download n listen to)

A special note of thanks to Aravindan  who was kind enough to take some time out and helping me with the old tunes.. Where I was utterly baffled and went astray as to which songs/movies they belonged to… Though I did have inklings which were…errr… erroneous… but had it not been for his help I think I wud have been completely lost and the review wouldn’t have included the details it has now… Thanks a ton Aravindan 🙂


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