Intertwined for Eternity…!!

Raji   the queen of Style Poetry.. did this today… Loop Poetry

and here I offer my humble attempt at loop poetry..

This is the second variation of Loop poetry.

There we sit

Sit on a seat

Seat of a park

Park full of blossoms, a treat

Treats in red

Red the color of love

Love me, he does

Does he, but know?

Know that I

I too love him

Him, the man

 Man of my dreams

Dreams of love

Love so sweet

Sweet like music

Music, the language

Language of the souls

Souls that are intertwined

Intertwined in love for an eternity…!!!


Loop Poetry is a younger sister of Blitz form of poetry… where the last word of the first line forms the first word of the next line and so on..

This poem is on the second variation of the Loop Form where its a continous poem, no paras, no rhyme scheme, no limitation on the number of lines.

For more details on the Loop Form please visit Raji’s Blog


2 thoughts on “Intertwined for Eternity…!!

  1. Megs.. nice poems.. u wrote it???

    sowwiiee yaaar.. i’m not into poems…
    somehow I just do not link with them.. so no comments….

    Keep up the work…

    • oyeee yaar tune padha tho yehi waddi baat hai…
      haan waise bhi bacchon ko poems pasand nai aayi 😉
      isme koi nayi baat nai hai..
      thannks for writing in babes

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