The Dancing Queen….

Aah..!!Another poetry… jus outta the blue… it struck me to write sumthin like this

please bear with me… cos this a topic im passionate abt

The Dancing Queen

She took a deep breath

Wondering what would happen

Albeit the feeling of unease

She got out in the open

She raised her hand

Took the first pirouette

She lost her balance And still

Managed to maintain etiquette

She inhaled deeply

And closed her eyes

Let the music pervade her

And then began to rise

She moved her hands…

With swift movements

Her body moved gaily

Like a piece of adornment

Dressed all in white

She looked angelic

Silver dance shoes

Made her look chic

A tiara perched

Atop her black crest

Like the star adorning

The skies Northwest

Her slender arms..

Her nimble feet..

Hair held up, tripping..

Everyone’s heartbeat..

She let her lithe body

Respond to the music

As she swayed. Oh my!

She looked aesthetic

She took another turn

Few curls fell around her face

People all gasped

Lost in her moves and pace

She ended her performance

With great grace and poise

People all cheered and

The claps came down with noise..!!

She took a bow in style

There’s none like her to be seen

There she was standing tall

Their dancing queen..!!

Do let me know how you found it… this was my first attempt on something that wasnt too abstract


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