Banterings on Blogosphere

I know what you’re thinking… 🙄

There she goes…yet another insane post of hers 🙄

Sigh..!! Cant help it 😕

Blogging seems to have become my second skin now…

Ok now why Banterings you might ask??

well…sometimes you get so bored with the usual reviews, poems that u simply need to list out somethin random…

sometimes you feel like thinking different and coming out with something new… something different…

So hence this post.. an instant insane bantering…

Soowwiieeeee… 😥

cant help it though can i…
Guess you’ll just have to bear with me 😈

ok… so thinking differently..

did you realise my title.. Banterings on Blogosphere.. doesnt it sound remotely similar to Sleepless in Seattle…


notice the alliterations??

not yet…??

Ok now observe the fact that the first letter of the first and last word is the same 🙂

and that all it contains in the middle is a preposition…

hmmm,…thats wat the matter is,…

ive been talkin like this for quite sometime now,…

Still astounded… ok lemme help you understand this…

Remember Sleepless in Seattle…yea yea the same meg ryan Tom hanks starrer… (hayyyeeee…tom hanks… 😀 )

sigh..!! so if you notice the title of the movie the sentence is just 3 words long where the first word and the last word start with the same alphabet and  between them places is a preposition..

Wel… it so happens that off late i have taken to talking in such terms… for eg..

i have this frn whose in london for a project.. and whilst talking to him he was tellin me how the weather there is so cold… and due to which theres not much he can do outside, no sight-seeing no visiting places and people.. and hence he’s feeling lonely..

so its Lonely in London 😀

alright…here’s another one….

the other day i was chatting with another friend whose in chennai and he asked me so when are you coming to chennai… so i said im clueless… no idea.. and there you have again.. Clueless about Chennai 

See the same pattern…

picture this,.,.

 I have a friend whose totally madly  crazy about his home town madurai… So here we have again the same pattern…

Mad about Madurai…

this last weekend i happened to catch up on a friend whose been in swiss for atleast 2 yrs tht i knw him of.,..
we havent been in touch for quite sometime and  so we did some catchin up on each other over chats the past weekend… and as usual the general talks on life and work came around and he said he’s damn stressed out

BINGO.. there you Go…

Stressed-out in Swiss 😛

i prefer to use stressed out as a single word 😉

well…suits my pattern you see…

i have been noticing this pattern crop up practically many a times.. recently my best friend Farah happened to have visited the Dargah at Ajmer-Sharif and upon her return i was as usual askin her the details of her trip and she said the trip was awesome… seee again the same patter… Awesome in Ajmer…

Now i have this frn whose newly catching up in Facebook and hes damn freaked out abotu farmville and he loves farming now,… so there again… Freaked over Farmville… 😀

sigh… this pattern seems to be gettin to me now 😕

a little too much of anythin seems to be prob… but this one im enjoying it..

wonder how many more i can get on such stuff 😉

maybe i might jus about make another sequel to Banterings On Blogosphere 😛

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!!

Cheerios…!! :mrgreen:


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