A Stately Affair…!!!

Yes yes… I read the latest offering by Chetan Bhagat… 2 States…


The cover was the first attraction for me :)… the front covers with the States and the back cover was the ultimate masterpiece according to me






Love marriages around the world are simpleBoy loved girl. Girl loved boy. They get married…

Love marriages in India are a few more steps

Boy loves Girl. Girl Loves Boy.

Girl’s family has to love the Boy. Boy’s family has to love Girl

Girl’s family has to love Boys family. Boy’s family has to love Girl’s family

Girl and Boy still love each other. They get married…



Self-Story narrated in true filmy style and yet so true to life…


That’s Chetan Bhagat’s 2 states for you.


Ofcourse as usual he has changed the names of his character and his wife’s, maybe her family’s names too… But the resultant is a rollicking so damn true love story of anyone who has married outside language..


I prefer to say language…cos every state has people from almost all languages… hence anyone who has married or plans to marry or is in love with someone outside ur language can definitely understand the idiosyncrasies, quandaries, ruckus and hullabaloo over choosing someone who is from a different language …


It makes you laugh…


It makes you cry…


It sounds clichéd…


But it’s worth a try…


It makes you scream…


It makes you dream…


It makes you cherish…


Your every whim…


But then you soar


Above the pentathlon barrier


Prove amidst all furor


That Love’s the only carrier


Pooofff…that was the best I could do




If you have enjoyed his book in the past you shall enjoy this one..


At least I did…


So no more worry


Ye padhna hai zaroori


This book available till


Stocks last, so hurry


I know saaadddd bbbaaaddd PJ


I’m wondering wat even struck me to write that


Good Lord,..!!! WATS gotten into me


Jeeezzzzz…….. Sorry guys


Khair the book is good… I liked it…Rather enjoyed it…


But m wondering wats with the numbers and Chetan Bhagat…


Yeaa I knw he’s from IIT-D and IIM-A but itna obsession


Wondering wat im talkin abt…


Maaaaannnnn……. Look at the titles of his books…


ONE night at a Call Centre


2 states


3 mistakes of my life


FIVE points Someone…


I wonder if he was hungry and ate up the number –  4…


Or maybe that’s yet to come


Whatever… but good read… want to see wat happens wen ppl marry inter-language do read it up


Moreover… u will know..


Ke India mein gharwalo ke marzi ke saath love marriage karni hai bahut papad belne padhta hai Boss…!!


(in India if u want get a love marriage done with ur parents consent u might have to move heaven and earth )


Keep Smiling…!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!





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