shoes Woes Hayyo Rabba… Disaster strikes again….!!!

I couldn’t believe this was happenin again 😯

This is plain crazy…

Its atrocious..

Its ghastly…

And yet it happened 😯

Oh Woe Begone is me!!! 😥

Oh ! ur still wondering wat am talkin about 🙄

Errr… my footwear broke again 😕


History repeats in Mumbai…

Yep after the Princess’ woes of breaking footwear its my turn too…

Not that I lagged behind..only I was too embarrassed to mention it on blog 😳

 But this is too much…  👿

I thought chennai was bad… yep…every week new chappals… that’s how chennai was for me..

And Mumbai is pretty much providing quandary galore… only it doesn’t squander my wallet as badly as chennai did..

But nevertheless mumbai has decided “M not gonna lag behind”

Only Mumbai has been kind enuff to give me the concession that it doesn’t rob me of my slippers in 1-2 weeks like Chennai did… it lets me enjoy in my new slippers for atleast 1-2 months  😀

Yup some consideration

And disaster struck…yesterday… 😥

My poor old pretty peep toe sandals broke 😥

The sole literally split 😥


Errr…..nooo I don’t wear heels..

But eh,… 😯

Ok this is how my sandal looks like


Errr…but in black… now imagine if that nanhi si munni si jaan of a 1cm heel splits from the soles… 🙄

Wat am I supposed to do … 😳

I looked like this


And I had to jaise taise reach office and my only solace was tht I had a double scotch tape in my runner 😀


Sigh.. thanks stationery for small mercies

And I joined my sole and carried on the whole day 😕

Sigh… 😥

In the evening had to run to the shoe shop and get new stuff..

Yaaayyyy…today m wearing new footwear 😀 :mrgreen:


And now I make sure like my regular groceries that come home every month… I get a pair of new footwear as a back up 😀



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