ChickLits N Me

Naa naa m not here to talk about the chewing gums or mints of Chiclets

Its about my fetish for Chic-Lits read as chic-literature… it’s a genre of novels that most gals would swear by…But I was not one of them at least not until I moved back to Mumbai…

I don’t know how this transformation came by.. But well it has…

I always the mystery/thriller/drama intrigued gal…That doesn’t mean my interest lies in Robert Ludlum or Isaac Asimov.. that’s another genre I have never been able to get myself to read up but in my book shelf(which means my bed, my dressing table etc 😉 ) you would only find books of Sidney Sheldon – yep I have the whole collection 😉

Jeffry archers, a couple of John Grishams and maybe a couple of astrology/horoscope books too stuff like Linda Goodman’s, Cheiro etc… even Sherlock Holmes and Perry Mason

But Chick Lits were never my thing… I don’t know I used to never get the impetus the urge to read it… whilst most of my friends and peers (ladies) would immerse themselves in the world of romance and sensuality with Mills N Boons, I would be busy being a woman entrepreneur with Master of the Game or  a successful business tycoon in the saga Stars Shine Down or the that of a mother whose lost her second son on the Christmas eve in Silent Night or about single  mother who realizes that the Plastic Surgeon to whom she had taken her daughter for a minor injury seems to be re-creating the face of his own dead daughter on every woman who enters his clinic requesting him for a perfect face in Let Me Call You Sweetheart…. The former 2, I guess most of you know are by Sidney Sheldon… the latter are by Mary Higgins Clark..

In between all this I even read a collection of short stories with Twists in the TAIL and the mighty famous Kane and Able…the epic saga of power,  rivalry and success… both by Jeffrey Archer…

Those were the kinds of books that would keep me engrossed for hours on end… and then came the magical fantasy world of  Harry Potter and LOTR series… and that’s when I fell in love with books all over again..

But Chick-Lits still hadn’t entered my life till Aarthi did.. Yes Aarthu as I wud call her… one of the boons of Chennai to me.. A close friend…Confidante…My friend, philosopher, guide..The only actual Sunshine for me in Chennai…. And she gave me Devil Wears Prada… yes the same that was later made into a film with Anne Hathway and Meryl Streep and as with most books turned movies,… the book was def way too good compared to the movie… and that’s how my love for this genre of books began… from Devil Wears Prada I moved on to Memoirs of Geisha… which was I must admit the most heart wrenching book I had every read…

Well.. my love for chick Lits dint end with just those 2 books…  well… a debacle in my personal life made me move back to my hometown Mumbai and from then on my fetish for these books have increased leaps and bounds.. I find myself staring at the rows of books in crosswords practically every weekend… or latest every other weekend poring over their collection and wondering which one to buy… I have already read and stocked up my book shelf—oh this time I really mean a book shelf 😀 with all the books by  Lauren Weisberger, sadly she has written just 3..The other two being Everyone Worth Knowing and Chasing Harry Winston…. C’mon Lauren I’m desperately looking forward to more of your stuff… and off late I’ve taking a liking to Sophie Kinsella too.. oh if you’re wondering who she is… remember the successful chick flick Confessions of a Shopaholic… Well…that’s hers 😀

But apparently that was not the first book in the Shopaholic series… which I realized only when I barged in on the chick lit section of crosswords..Though my hands were itching to get themselves on to a copy of Confessions of a Shopaholic I decided I first need to test the waters before I plunge in and hence the first Sophie Kinsella book I picked up was Can You Keep A Secret.. And I must say I have got hooked on to her as well.. So much so that the next 2 weekends saw me heading straight to her sections and got myself 2 more Remember Me and the first in the Shopaholic series called The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic… and well I must say Mom more or less agreed with me when she saw the Shopaholic copy and said “yes you must read that cos it fits perfectly for you and I hope someday you wud quit being a shopaholic…” Well mom shopaholic or not I’m def a Bookaholic…. 😉

I soon plan to go on to complete the whole Sophie Kinsella novels collection and maybe hunt Crosswords for more of the Chick Lits stuff 😉

The best part about these chick Lits are that you can identify with these so called female protagonists therein… you laugh with them… You cry with them… you yearn for love the way they do… you swear at the other bitches at work with them,.. And yet when you finish them you feel great.. They are like those feel good movies that you see… you watch them and enjoy them… at the end of the day you feel satisfied and yet they help to keep the fire to achieve something burning…

I hope someday I soon shall be able to write a chick lit book too….

Sigh… what’s the harm in Dreaming… someone has said Dreams are the first Step that you can take towards the reality that awaits you…. So let’s see if my dream can lead me to the reality of tomorrow 😛

Till then signing off from Megzone…

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging…!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:


8 thoughts on “ChickLits N Me

  1. RoH says:

    Chic-lits 😀 wow watte cool name! 😉 😀
    Cool post there Megs! Loved it completely.!
    //books of Sidney Sheldon – yep I have the whole collection// o_O 😀
    Stars shine down is one of my favs 🙂
    Also, rage of angels… though, I don’t think it can be classified as a chic-lit 🙂
    Absolutely intrigued by this post and I am already searching for options to get those books you ve mentioned 😀

    • heyyy…thanks Roh…
      well…thats how they are called 😉
      yep me too Sidney Sheldon, Harry Potter full collection…
      Mary Higgins Clark still collecting… yep Rage of the Angels was good too..
      ohg pleas do read them they are fun 🙂

  2. Nice. I guess every week there’s a new writer being published with a ‘chick-lit’ under her name, ain’t it? Oh btw, I wonder what they call an all guy book. 😉

    • yep thats true….as far as we have die hard hopelessly romantic females on earth we’l def have a chick-lit book hitting the stands every week 😀
      oh cmon… guys write on books which are sci-fi, action, adventure etc etc..
      the only complete guy writer that i can think of is Chetan Bhagat…cos he writes about stuff that guys under go 😉

    • hey Sidney and Mary Higgins aint chick-lit writers babes…they are more on the lines of thriller and drama… Chick Lits are those who write novels based on the gal next door dying to break their cocoon and dreaming to create a successful love life and career 😀

  3. Sree says:

    And I thought it was all about Women’s Era and Femina 😛 Sigh…am a little behind (or is it forward?) the chic-lits you mention here…my bad!! 😀

    • //And I thought it was all about Women’s Era and Femina //
      they still exist but these are more fun
      //the chic-lits you mention here…my bad!! //
      padh le padh le 😀

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