Siddu and Pinky

Siddhesh was a young lad all of 10 years old.. And like all boys his age he was as notorious as one could be…Climbing over trees.. Stealing mangoes and jamuns from his neighbors’ garden… picking up flowers from the school garden (which was strictly prohibited) and yet he was loved by all…why? Cos the moment he was reprimanded for anything he would turn on his charm with a lost puppy eyed look on his face that could melt even the heart of stone..

A day before his 11th birthday.. His father came home from work and asked Siddu to be in the best of his behavior as they were expecting guests in the evening,…

Siddu made sure he impeccably dressed… he was feeling so jittery about the whole evening.. he remembered his father often lamenting to his mom about not being able to advance at his workplace.. And they should try and invite his boss over sometime. Considering this, Siddu was completely fidgety the whole evening..

At last the clock struck 7 and there he heard the door bell.. With a heavy heart and a tensed mind he entered the living room to see who this mysterious guest was. His father opened the door and the moment Siddu saw his eyes literally popped out in their eyeballs… There they stood in front of him Pooja and Pinky… his joy knew no bounds.. He dint know whom to look at Pooja or Pinky..  they looked like Angels from heaven above.. a silent prayer of someone… how could God have created anyone as exquisite as them. He was flabbergasted for a while he just stood there gaping at them with his mouth open.. Pretty much like the fish that were in his school aquarium…

He looked from Pooja to Pinky and at last he decided Pinky was it.. The perfect one for him… he couldn’t keep his eyes off her… She was simply out of this world… her skin as white as milk…

 With lovely bright big brown eyes that dazzled anyone who looked into them…The most beautiful he had ever seen… and those lips…. those rose pink lips…and when she moistened them with her tongue

  they wud glisten like small diamonds in the light…  she eyed  him apprehensively wondering wat his intentions were   and he smiled meekly trying to get a grip on his over-flowing madness.

Siddu’s father ushered them in. and he snapped out of his own wonder world wherein he had already pictured her with  half dozen kids n yet loving happily with him..As his father introduced them he gave her his hand to shake Pooja being bolder of two shook hands happily while Pinky,  she was scared and after almost a minute of checking him out from tip to toe she finally accepted.

His joy knew no bounds; he had never seen anyone like her

  She was angel from heaven a pretty princess and yet she was here in his house… When she looked at him he cud feel love swell in his heart and his heart.. It beat with such a hard thudding that he was scared the whole room would hear it.

As her mom made them feel at home and asked them to have a seat Siddu was silently hoping praying she would come and sit next to him. He had even made a deal with God that he would be the perfect good boy to his parents and never ever get into any mishaps or mischief again… he swore to his heart he would be the best boy Pinky had ever met in her life and even before he could complete his promise   she came n sat next to him..Oh! Boy! Was he happy or not… he felt he was the luckiest man on earth to have ever met her.. She was so close to him…her hair so soft…her aroma filled his senses her fragrance so divine…

Sensing his son going bonkers his father told him to show them their house

Good Lord..!! Siddu was on seventh heaven when he heard his father… he felt as if he had kissed the stars and moon and he swore to himself to be the best son ever. He showed them all over the house starting from the balcony, the kitchen, his parents room and finally the last of all he showed his bedroom he was anxious about her reaction cos his room was never well kept but today his instincts seem to have taken over and he had made sure it was spick n span.. And he longed for her appreciation at his effort. As she paced around his room his anxiety knew no bounds but at last her expression confirmed that she seemed to have loved it..Pooja was busy engrossed in his story book collection that she even picked up a couple to read along while Pinky was she was looking around at his toy collection and suddenly she stopped his eyes followed her gaze as they rested on his red and white ball… being as courteous as possible he picked up the ball from atop the shelf and offered it to her. Her eyes immediately lightened up at his gesture but she coyly stood there looking from him to the ball in his hand… he was completely smitten by the way she looked at him that he was completely rooted and stood there gawking at her…it seemed like time froze then and there.. Pooja casually glanced up from the book and saw them and asked him if he was offering to play with the ball… Zapping back to reality he replied in a hoarse husky voice “yes sure, let play”
 and he threw the ball towards Pinky and all three played for some time in his room..

Siddu’s mom announced dinner and they all shepherded into the dining hall… his mom had prepared delicious special dishes tonight and the sumptuous aroma spread across the house.. Pinky’s big brown eyes lit up like small stars glittering across the dark night.. Siddu’s mother has specially bought in a brand new green cutlery for the occasion and she offered a green bowl filled with milk to Pinky… From then on she was his bestest friend… and he never ceased loving her… Siddu was the most doting master anyone could have ever got and there she was slurping the milk his angel his brand new pet a white fluffy lab pup Pinky 😀

Pooja’s pet dog Chinku had delivered a litter of pups recently and Pinky was the first and she was Siddu’s birthday present from his father 🙂


2 thoughts on “Siddu and Pinky

  1. //Aww thats a lovely story…//
    thank u hai madamzee 😀
    //Even i want the lovely pup.. //
    aapko bhi budday pe gift kar dein 😛
    //Sweet story gal//
    thank you once again princes 🙂

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