Oh its luscious

And slurpilicious

Completely scrumptious

Lip smackingly delicious

I oh so love it

Every teeny weenie bit

With a spoon I slit

With every bite it’s a hit

Slurpy n mushy

With sauce so slushy

Into my mouth it’s rushy

With a smile m all gushy

Oh! it’s a sinful delight

Gawking at it with my eyes bright

Poor me and my plight

I want it now right

 It takes me to a land

Where everythin else’s bland

It tingles my taste gland

I wish i cud summon them all with a wand

Oh dont get blown away asunder

This is not sumthin to wonder

These are not thoughts of yonder

Just my sinful blunder

Its my love for pastries chocolate

That make my heart beats accelerate

Calm the moods that oscillate

Oh I’ve fallen to its bait

They are devilishly sinful i know

But to their taste i do bow

With every bite the sensations grow

Oh my watta a pleasure they bestow

Oh i love you my sweetypie

Without ur taste my senses wud die

Without you my life is high n dry

You are the apple naa chockie of my eye 😀

Here’s a tribute to my dahling chocolate…anythin thats chocolate is superliciously slurpy to me be it dark chocolates

chocolate sauce… chocolate ooozing slushy slurpy lip smacking chocolate pastries… anythin thats chocolatey is meeee favorite…

its a sin if u dont like chocolate and its sinful if u do…

cos its pretty addicting too 😛


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