A Rocket launched successfully…

If Wake up Sid was one kind of a wakeup call Rocket Singh is another… It’s a nice refreshing story different and yet clichéd in places… the movie has its own charm that can make you wanna watch it..

This weekend I caught up on Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year… lovely movie I must say.. it’s a fresh breath of air far away from the typical Hindi masala movie… the mere lack of soundtrack simply proves that it’s a different kind of movie… Ranbir excels yet again…

His acting skills have been utilized very well.. But he has become a tad monotonous with the same kind of roles.. WUS, APKGK all portraying him as the madcap simpleton seedha saadha guy… he needs to try variety… or maybe his strategy would be to carve a niche for himself… create enough popularity and liking so that later when he does varied roles people would still accept him… but whose complaining… he proves yet again that a simplicity can excel and charm and woo people…

The story is of a middle class guy born n brought up by his granddad played by yesteryears villain Prem Chopra.. The perfect jatt Punjabi with values of simplicity, honesty, sincerity and dedication… much like most of us who do not know how to handle the corporate/work politics which sometimes even question your integrity and ethics…

Rocket Singh is a perfect movie for people like us who believe Honesty Pays… though late but it shall definitely pay.. It’s a hope, a faint light at the end of the tunnel… a regeneration of our belief and faith in God and honesty…

Since I have received enough flak on my previous review of movies, I have not given any spoilers in this one

Not revealed any story bits not the plot… just a brief gist…

The movie is superbly edited and made.. Hats off to Shimit Amin…

Wonderful plot of course… it’s been quite some time since we’ve seen movies like this hit the theatres..

Not sure how the actual audiences have received the movie. But personally I liked the movie.. the actors have excelled in their role and done perfect justice to their roles… Naveen Kaushik who did the role of Nitin Rathore the sales manager has done his roles superbly for a first time actor and doing such an important role is simply awesome.. SPOILER ALERT Nitin’s change of heart is the perfect turning point of the movie.. and the second being that of Manish Chaudhari – Sunil Puri the owner of AYS computer services.. the way he realizes that here is one guy who shall keep his integrity and sincerity intact no matter what and in some ways reminds him of his own success story..perfect twist of the story…SPOILER CLOSE

But the end does seem a little clichéd im not sure keeping in mind today’s work place politics and competition in the market whether the end is a clichéd one or natural one.. cos I don’t think people would in real life do this but nonetheless it’s a feel good movie with a happy ending.., All’s well that ends well types of movie.. do watch it.. its def worth the amount you spend..

I would rate it a 3.5 over 5  I could have given a 4 but I somehow feel the movie could have still been lots better.. there are indeed places of improvement… and definitely the timing could have been worked upon…. In the sense they could have made it a shorter movie than the usual 2 hr length..

Its definitely worth watching.. CERTIFIED WATCHABLE  😀


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