A Wee bit of Chance…!!!

Chance pe Dance is supposed to be a movie based on a struggling actor turned Dancer.. so the promos and songs give an idea.. Though I’m not much sure about it myself.. But the songs are pretty okay.. Considering the fact that the songs are required for a dance based movie.. With Adnan Sami as the music director and him not singing a single piece is a low low… but he still done a not so bad job… Verdict wise I would say not too impressive..so that would be a 2.5/5 since its aimed at people like me who are dance crazy and dance maniacs it’s a lackluster for them too… As for mere mortals I don’t think this album has much to offer.. even for the dancers there are just a few numbers that can be catchy and dance-pirational… but otherwise its just a meager okies dokie nothing too great about it album..

Personally I feel Adnan could have done loads better job..but sigghh..!! this is what he has to offer.. and this is all I have to review..

One more Dance –  kunal Ganjawala –  groovy number.. a wee bit of HIP HOP FEEL put in… definitely gets me moving, grooving, shaking nodding… breezy lovely number… definitely Danceable song 🙂  CERTIFIED DANCEABLE 😉

Pal Mein hi Soham an Shreya..  no reasons to say why you should like this song… cmon it’s a Shreya number… it’s a duet and romantic song 😀 and yes it rocks… its different and yet passionate number.. the music is cute and mindblowing esp for this song.. the use of guitar interludes magnificent..CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Pe Pe Pein –  Neeraj Sridhar and Saleem Shehzada –  most of you must have seen this one too in the promos so again there;s not much I can say.. though there;s one point I would like to make… when I first saw the title of the song I thought it had something to do with the English song Pepe pepein.. but later when  I heard the song I realized they are singing the shadi wala shehnai signature tune 😉  since the song starts with the shehnai number it sounds a lil comical to listen but later with the Rap and hiphop effect.. super song according to me… it reminds of the Twist number from LAK that’s cos of the Indian feel to a danceable song and both the songs had neeraj as the lead singer… CERTIFIED MISSABLE 😀

Pe Pe Pein (DUET) – Neeraj, Saleem & Tulsi kumar –  another version of the same song… only addition is the female singer.. and a few added music effects here and there.. this again is pretty much the same as the previous number… ek hi mushkil se bardaasht hota hai do do version ho tho main kya karoon 😐 so nothing great.. kinda  CERTIFIED MISSABLE.. 🙂  (see I’;m so honest even if it’s a SHAHID movie… yo me saint me 😀 )

Pump it Up –  Vishal Dadlani – This again is one of those numbers aired during the promos of the movie… mindblowing… what else can u expect when there;s vishal dadlani singing the song… the music in some places reminds me of Krazzy 4 song.. a few bhangra interludes has you hankering for more … foot tapping body shaking.. head nodding groovy number… and with shahid showing his slurpilicious 8 pack abs what more can I ask for….The only number every KB I downloaded CERTIFIED DANCEABLE 😀

Just do it – Chance pe Dance –  this ones an amazing song.. it’s a rap n hip hop.. cos it showcases all the different types of dance styles.. bhangra, hip hop, jhatka matkas… I must say I loved the rap effect.. add in a zing of harmonium and a dash of classical interlude… and you get a piece which has u lapping it up like crazy… superlicious number.. and the lyrics – kewl funny and in trend with the current slang words too..the only other number which is worth every KB I downloaded CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Pump it up Remix DJ A Myth –  now this is what I call a remix.. when you get in a professional DJ and get a remix of the song done.. that what remix is all about.. but the song which is already a hip n cool number how much more happening and fast paced can you make it,.. well.. u will just have to listen to it to believe it… its simply fab it gave me perfect dhuaandhaar shiny lights crazy coloured smoke pub effect… love the original… love the remix too 😀 CERTIFIED DANCEABLE

Rishta hai mera – Shaan & Tulsi Kumar – inception of the song sounds soulful and slowly the pace picks up… and yet the song is simply wonderful yo listen to…Shaan at his best and tulsi sounds as if she’s singing for a teenage super star ala hanah Montana 😀 naa naa not exactly that way but the song is cute in its own way… not too impressive but definitely a feel good kind of song…not too good.. but considering it’s a Shaan number 😉 CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Yaba Daba yahoo kunal Ganjawala – this has a the Los Lobos song La Bamba feel to it… the acapella-ish feel to it.. is simply cute n yet stunning… Kunal’s voice modulation is definitely on par in certain places he reminded me of kishore kumar… sigh… I miss that man today.. wish he was there at this age and era.. how much I miss him… sigh.. back to the review… well.. I liked this song… pretty hummable,.. well it did remind of the kinds of songs.. TIMON AND PUMBA sing 😀 yep those kinda songs…  CERTIFIED Wacky 😛

So that’s my verdict  of this album… your opinions are definitely welcome in the comments sections.. for the dance lovers this album has just a wee bit, countable on one hand number of  songs to offer which you can dance and choreograph on.. and for the others they can simply listen to the songs – PAL MEIN and JUST DO IT I’m sure these are 2 numbers you would like… for the not so musical mates.. you can give this album a complete miss  🙂

The final call is yours 😀


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