If GOD was a Banker…!!!

Once in your life you meet someone… who sees your talent and potential and grooms you…

Teaches you the ropes of the business/job.. And sometimes leaves you at it to see you perform and prove your mettle…

Sometimes they step in to the sidelines to see you take the stage and do wonders with your knowledge, talent and skills… you succeed.. You taste wins… you taste victory and triumph and when that slowly eats up the logical you and takes over the your brain… you don’t want to look at failures.. you forget humility and modesty to the extent that you snub the people who helped you get where you are… you stub over the toes of those very people who made way for you and held the lantern for your flourishing path…  you falter… they hold you.. They support you… when everything you touch turns to gold…every venture every step every risk brings with it undue adulation…then success gets to your head and your ego takes over the reins of your life..When you defy all ethics and morals and slave yourself to malpractices…  that’s when you step into a vicious twister that destroys not just you but everything and everyone around you…

And yet you have those who knew you since before all this.. When u were a mere mortal oozing with confidence and vibrancy… You snub them you stub them.. They suspect you for your egregious behavior and yet they don’t carp or crib…they never hold any negative thoughts  against you… no hard feelings.. for the sheer reason that they admire you for your self-driven approach and verve…

There comes a time in everyone’s life.. When their past(if they have one) comes to haunt them… especially when they are at their defenseless worst… when they are so down in the doldrums.. these very same people whom he had throttled and trundled below their feet come to their rescue… like the Knight in Shining Armour… like the light at the end of the tunnel… like an angel.. the Guardian Angel  sent from heaven above… and they save you… they give you back the life your deserved… with the only condition that you mend your ways and be truthful, honest, sincere and dedicated to your near and dear ones…

Yes… that’s the story of If God was a Banker… the book by Ravi Subramanian…

I know I maybe late in actually putting this up…considering that his latest offering Devil in Pinstripes is already out in the market and doing damn well too… but its better late than never.. especially with books.. its never too late.. 😛

I liked the book for simple reasons.. it was interesting and fast paced… no beating around the bush.. no stretching the story just for the heck of increasing the page counts…It’s a story of 2 protagonists… one whose hard working honest dedicated with his integrity intact come what may.. and the other falters on the ethical and veracity.. They both have a common God.. a friend philosopher guide.. and mentor.. who taught them the tricks of the trade… how they both flourish under him his protégés … how one continues to maintain his relations and how the other gives into devilish egocentricities and is later brought to ground by this very same GOD… and that’s why the title IF GOD WAS A BANKER..

It’s a book that rekindles our faith on Honesty Pays… that was also the motto on of the protagonists in the book.. He was honest.. He was the Good Guy..  the selfless friend who in spite of the fact that his old friend and colleague garrote him and treated him as an adversary, came forth to stand by his friend for old time’s sake… that’s friendship… and that’s the basic gist of the story… the very people we try to trample over are those who love us the most and care for us the most… The story of Good triumphing over evil… a story of corporate haraamkori (sycophancy).. office politics… choices between shortcuts to fame and growth on hand and the longer but safer truthful path..

Yes the book comes with its own share of sleaze show ala casting couch in banking industry… or should I say Banking Couch.. Ouch…!!! But yes… that’s one shortcut to progress in career… but a short-lived one too…it clearly signifies that there are people who would do anything.. Literally anything to get to the top and make others do the same too…  It describes how once a person gets the flavor of being the boss doing wrong and getting away with it… he only gets usurped deeper into shit.. soweeeeee for the use of words but then that’s the best way I can explain it 😉

At many places I found the book going the Master of the Game aka Sidney Sheldon way.. but I guess any book based on leading protagonists and their thirst for success would go the same way 🙂

 On a scale of 5 I would definitely give it a 4/5…

Good book.. Definitely worth a read…!!! 🙂

Dying to get my hands on Devil In Pinstripes..!!

That’s it from Megzone for now…

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!!

Cheerios :mrgreen:

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