Yappiieee Neww Yeaaarrr…!!!!

Another year gone

Another new dawn

A year full of surprises

Sorrows and bliss it comprises

The year that went

With ups and downs moment

Lessons lots learnt

Some were good some weren’t

Its time again to move on

As we receive the new morn

With zest and gusto and great spirit

The New Year’s lets welcome it..

A great many expectations

Another road to reach our destinations

With eyes full of inspirations

Creating self motivations

With every step a new hope

Another pace on the learning rope

A year to look forward to

But wats in store we have no clue

We welcome it with open arms

As it lures us with its mystic charms

On a new journey we all embark

Keeping alive within us a spark

Hope the New Year brings along

Lots of cheer and happy song

May all your dreams come true

Your hopes and wishes be answered too

Wishing you all a year of bountiful surprises.. May all your dreams, hopes and wishes be answered.. Innumerable Blessings be showered… and a great many happy moments be cherished..

May the good memories of the year gone by be always afresh in your minds and the bad moments provide you the essential lessons for the future…. Remember it’s not just the white keys that make music in a Piano, the black keys are equally essential..

Happy New year..!!

And have a Blast..!!!


7 thoughts on “Yappiieee Neww Yeaaarrr…!!!!

  1. Himanshu says:

    oh wow!
    what a lovely way to celebrate the beginning of a new year.. a new decade..
    Rock on!

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