The Proposal

I managed to catch up on quite a number of movies this vacation.. and one of them was the Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds… it’s a typical RomCom movie.. the movie’s a breath of fresh air considering the recent action and adventure offerings that we’ve had..

Sandra Bullock.. though old still plays her role of the protagonist to perfection.. the aggressive career-centric M the boss attitude editor in chief  ala Devil wears Prada kinda role… Ryan Reynolds her executive assistant bulldozed to work late hours lack of personal life running errands for her.. perfectly executed… She being an immigrant  from Canada to be deported back inspite of STAYING and wrking in America for quite sometime… the only way out is the typical Marriage of Convenience and the amicable scapegoat her exec assistant dying to be editor Ryan.. She’s a no nonsense B***H boss and he has to weed out his way and make her play by his rules as he has the upper hand…Cos if she doesn’t she wud be deported back to Canada and would not be able to work for an American Company for like 1-2 years…The immigration office as usual plays the villain ala Ramji Londonwale (Naladamayanthi to you tam folks out there)… will they fall in love or no.. Does she get deported or no…??Thats what the movie is all about… naa naa I’m not giving out any spoilers here.. so watch it if you wanna know wat happens..

Overall it’s a nice feel good movie.. in some places it really relevant to the current work scenario where sycophancy rules 😀 and at the same time it shows that if you cant take the honey out with yr finger tilt the bottle and get watchu want(awright that’s an hyperbole on Ghee seedha ungli se naa nikle tho ungli tedhi karni padhthi hai) but that’s damn relevant…

I don’t know if im the only one but I always feel Sandra reminds me of Dimple kapadia when it comes to the facial structure and poise.. well.. both are stunning beauties anyways

Alaska my God watta place.. God’s creation simply marvelous serene, calm, soothing yet in its own ways adventurous and rustic.. Move over swiss Alaska’s here.. Trust me guys.. If you must watch this movie for the sake of Alaska’s beauty.. Oh My..!! What an exhilarating beauty.. mountains, lakes, foggy peaks, flighty birds, green pastures… My oh my… An ideal romantic retreat guys…!!

Acting super

Story – a tad cliched

Alaska  bloody breath-takingly beautiful

Sandra Rocks as usual

Overall 3/5

Do watch it… its worth a miss for you hardcore action adventure freaks but for those hopeless romantics another cherry on the cake 😀


3 thoughts on “The Proposal

  1. RoH says:

    yay yay yay!!! Need to hi-five /” I am freakin out.. //I don’t know if im the only one but I always feel Sandra reminds me of Dimple kapadia when it comes to the facial structure and poise.. well.. both are stunning beauties anyways// I used to tell ma mother about Sandra resembling Dimple and she was like “nah nah” 😀 yay now I ve got company 😀
    I haven’t watched the movie.. but the trailer was amazing 😀
    Cool review! 🙂

    • heeheehee 🙂
      high Five gal /”
      // yay now I ve got company // dunno wats with moms and look alikes they never agree…me mom too dint agree that Sandra looks like dimple sigh..!! 🙄
      oh Super movie it is.. lots of fun moments and yes some mushy moments too 🙂
      worth a watch…

  2. Dawn says:

    Hey…..I was watching The Dark Side other day and I felt same….Sandra looks like Dimple……also I feel Madhuri Dixit somehow resembles Meryl Streep….what say??

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