New one…..

pls do not groan

or at the genre,  moan

cos its wat i do  best

and i cant detest.. 😛

hope you guys liked it 😉

here’s the translation for the English Junta  :mrgreen:

Rises, an urge to express my love to thee….

But my innocent lips cheat me…

“I love you” I wud want to say…

But your mere presence takes my breath away..

6 thoughts on “Izhaar…!!

  1. himangshu says:

    what the hell equal mastery over 2 languages. no wonder standard of writing is decreasing on an average for mankind. the gift of gab was disproportionately showered by Gods

    • himangsh… i guess i can take this as a compliment.. and no the Gods havent been partial or biased…you have an equal gift of gab 😉
      you write real swell 🙂

  2. Garfy Boy…
    Pakka karoongi.. this month i’m plannin to give the series ka kissa some breaks so i might end up with some poems and shayaris this month 😛

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