Just Another Fairy Tale..!!!

Here is a story

Another love’s glory

A tale of two hearts

Narrated in two parts

There by the rock she was sitting

With the wind her skirt flitting

Lost in deep wonder

Staring in yonder

She kept on reliving her dream

As she sat there beside the stream

He came again beckoning her

A love a poem waiting to tether

She never could know who it was

A blurry image, a tug of paws

The same dream for several nights

A faint red glow over heights

As she sat in her dreams, lost

Into the stream little stones she tossed

Suddenly she heard some voices

As if someone whispering of choices

Wondering who she turned left n right

But neither near nor far was anyone in sight

Then when she gazed above herself

Sat 2 doves talking among themself

Their voices low and yet clear

They were talkin feverishly as if in fear

There seemed to be someone in trouble

Far across the mountainous rubble

She asked who, how, when and where

They were hesitant yet told her the affair

Across the mountain atop a pillar

Sat a white cat with red collar

He’s been there for generations

Waiting for heavenly indications

He was a Cat Hermit in disguise

He fulfils wishes and give advise

He was rumored to be a prince

Being cursed by a witch long since

He is brittle now and about to die

All he does is awaits the ONE…Sigh!

The ONE to free him from the wretched place

Was a maiden from this village’s race

Who is she no one knows

Only she can cure the Cat’s woes


The PART 2 of this poem would be out tomorrow 🙂

Patience is BLISS peepl 😀

kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:

Keep waiting 😉

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheeerios…!! :mrgreen:


9 thoughts on “Just Another Fairy Tale..!!!

  1. RoH says:

    //There by the rock she was sitting

    With the wind her skirt flitting

    Lost in deep wonder

    Staring in yonder// yoyo! Cool lines 🙂
    Nice skirt 😉

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