55 Fiction Stories

Intrigued by Raji’s 55-fiction posts on the corporate blogs… I ended doing a research on the net about the rules and what it includes… and finally here’s me dabbling with 55-fiction stories…  A couple of stories that just struck me out of the blue.. Here’s sharing them with ya 😀

Errr….frankly I don’t even know if they fit into the category 😕

But still I thought wat the heck??? You guys have tolerated my insane attempts already 😉

So how does this matter too 😛

So here we go…


A dark rainy night..He saw her – She the damsel in distress.. He took slow gentle strides towards her, he dint want to scare her.. She shivered at his piercing gaze.. A gaze filled with lust.. At last he edged close to her and suddenly swooped on her.. Aah! The poor fly caught in his web..


Bright sunny day.. There he saw her… Ah She was so gorgeous.. Dressed all in red..  And so luscious.. Ah! That brought a smile on his face… Her scent filled him with a passion so strong that he soon yet stealthily crept up to her and bang he pierced her – Aawww poor apple.. Wretched worm..


Cold starry night.. All asleep and silent.. His ideal time to escape.. Slowly he crept out of his place.. Stealthily he scampered like a thief so he doesn’t wake up people.. This was his only chance to escape else be dead tomorrow.. Deep in thought he dint see a corner and splotch! The egg broke…

Silent Night

Silent night rustling wind..He awoke with a start.. Hoping he wasn’t late for their midnight rendezvous silently n gently he crept out.. Aah there she was waiting for him.. She was glowing tonight..As he edged closer to her.. She shivered maybe the breeze.. The moment he was close to her.. Snap..!! The Rat trap shut.


kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:

I hope you guys liked… in any case.. even criticism is welcome.. cos I’m just learning to be a 55 fiction story writer..

so any point and every point is of utmost importance to me.. so please feel free to leave your comments…

(for those peeps who were like me naive to what 55 fiction is here’s the wiki link )

22 thoughts on “55 Fiction Stories

    • //your bloguctivity is amazing!//
      aareee… aaj office mein kaam kidhar thaa..
      only mumbai, pune, gurgaon working.. so was veli most of the time.. so jus made productive use of my free time 😀

      glad you liked them buddy 😀

    • //55 fiction…you really gonna attempt that….//
      you never what u can do till u try 😉

      //and girl you write really long post…….//
      sigh…!! 😕
      thats one bad habit i just cant seem to give up 😛

    • whoaa..!! Saurabh, dude thats a lovely compliment you gave me there…
      thanks a ton for your wishes.. sure will check out yours… and thanks for voting buddy 🙂
      loads of thanks for stopping by 🙂

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