Lazy Lazy Lamhe…!!!

After a super successful Duo Rhymes that I did a coupla days back…

here’s me trying my hand again in Duo Rhymes.. simply cos its the easiest and simplest forms of poetry…

and on a perfect lazy sunday what more can you ask for 😉

so here we go


Yippee..!! Another Weekend..

No more tensions no more dead end…

Its a lazy lazy sunday

A day to hang out n play…

But with the sun’s scorching ray..

With worldly cares all blown away..

Lazily on my bed I lay…

Ah! Bliss!! wat else can I say..

I wish I might, I wish I pray..

Never does come this Monday..

This is the day to catch up with ol friend…

Oh! how i wish this day had no end…


Sigh..!! This is what happens on a lazy lazy sunday… with lazy lazy lamhe..

I hope you guys liked this rendition of Duo Rhymes too.. 🙂

Till I’m back with more crazy stuff..!!

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:



7 thoughts on “Lazy Lazy Lamhe…!!!

  1. with Lazy Lazy lamhe title i was expecting Amisha patel pics……she is my fav….don’t tell anyone……

    if its too hot….Dilli chale jao….masti thanda ho raha hai waha…..


    • /he is my fav… .don’t tell anyone……//
      awww lelelele 😛

      /if its too hot….Dilli chale jao….masti thanda ho raha hai waha….//
      naa ji naa east or west mumbai is the best 😛

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