It’s Complicated…!!!But Endearing :)

Its Complicated

How do you think you would feel.. When you realize you are having an affair with a married man.. a man who was once married to you for 20 odd years and later divorced for another younger female..And you realize you are the Other WOMAN now..!!!???!!!

What happens when you have to attend your son’s graduation ceremony… with your 2 other off springs one married and the other studying.. And your ex-husband (of 20previous years together) comes there sans his current wife (the younger woman with a 5yr old kid)… and you both re-discover the passion and lust (not exactly love) on the night before (the graduation you sillies) whilst your kids out having a pre-graduation day party…

And the next day in the honor of your son’s graduation.. The whole family..Errr…previous complete family meets and dines together after a really long time.. And you experience is your ex-husband trying to seduce you under the table… (Bloody hilarious I say 😛 ) and later you end up having an affair and enjoy every teeny weeny bit of it.. to such an extent that your ex-husband is jealous of an architect spending time with you discussing you new wud be kitchen??

This is one helluva movie… believe you me guys… if you guys wanna have some real fun stuff to do on a weekend.. Just pick up some popcorn and head straight to this one..

Ok this is some mature stuff.. Lots of puns.. Lots of adulterated stuff.. But we’re all grown up aren’t we.. Certain nuances in the movie were simply marvelous.. Scenes where the JAKE (Alec Baldwin) tries to call up Jane hiding in the shower.. Playing footsie under the table.. Jealous of Adam (Steve Martin – the architect) superb I say… sneaking into her house like a thief.. Oh my so many of them.. its funny though how a man who has left his wife for over 10yrs now has fallen head over heels again in love with her…he knows her every action-reaction… likes-dislikes..Remembers every inch of their life together like the back of his hand..Reliving every memory..Awwww….maannn…u end up wondering why they ever divorce each other…

Now for the cast… Meryl Streep OMG she’s a Diva.. a perfect Diva.. Maannn.. I pray I age as gracefully as she has… somehow she reminds me of Madhubala-meets-Kate winslet-meet- madhuri… don’t know why guys.. But so I it is…and Steve Martin.. Well, he’s his quirky self but with a touch of melo-drama to that.. And Alec Baldwin.. Big fella (psst…that’s how Meryl calls him in the movie..) 😛

Nice one.. Amply delivered by the actors.. I loved and enjoyed every bit of it.. I give it a 3.5/5…

This movie is a must watch to all those who don’t mind watching some grown up fun.. Who don’t think its gross when a man and woman romance each other in their 50s..It’s such a sweet love story… Awwww…. Choooo cuuuteeee…. I would strongly recommend this one.. But strictly for people who don’t mind it.. The others should rather watch some mindless animation movie…Final verdict – Its Complicated 😉

But worth a watch 😀

14 thoughts on “It’s Complicated…!!!But Endearing :)

  1. maine dekh rakhi hai…it was nominated for the best comic movie of the year in the Golden Globe Awards……….

    awesome was the word….with which i described it with…..Meryl…aahhh..wish could have her in my life….no word can describe this women….”Me winning the Oscar becomes more especial because of the fact that Meryl Streep was also nominated in the same category and i best her”….in words of Kate Winslet after winning Oscar for “The Reader” as best actress…….a perfect testimonial….describing THE MERYL STREEP……..

    Alec Baldwin….man o man….i have seen only two movies of this guy….and i’m already fan(the other movie was My Sister’s Keeper)….God knows why the hell Hollywood was wasting this great potential on TV…though he was great there too……

    Steve Martin… of my all time fav comedian ….though he was very serious this time……but he pulled this one good too……

    wat a starcast….which it self was evident enough to the quality of the script……..

    hope this wasn’t too much of a comment…i could have made a post by myself from this post… 🙂

    but today i’m in the mood to write and you are the victim today…..i want to say so many things…but think there is some limit to the length of a comment…..till next time….

    keep …. \,,/

    • oi yaaarr… kyaa comment diya hai 🙂
      khuda kare tumhe roz likhneka mann kare.. aur tum roz mere blog mein itne wadde wadde comment maaro 🙂
      mazaaa aa gaya…kasam se 😀

      //hope this wasn’t too much of a comment…i could have made a post by myself from this post…//
      isko bolte hai BLOMMENT.. Blog+Comment 😛

      • fikar na kari ladki…..bas tussi….aaisi movieanna review likha kari… maine dekhi vi hoye…….fir tu dekhi…tere bade review vich….mera chota saa…BLOMMENT zaroor …..hoga


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