I love this DeViL..!!!

Devil in Pinstripes..

NOTE: Sorry for the laaaaatteeeeeee review.. this has been sitting on my drafts for a loong time now.. Its been a month since I finished the book but the review has taken all its time to come to open… Sorry  Mr.Ravi 😦

After a super book called If God Was A Banker, continuing the Banking Legacies is Devil in Pinstripes..

I have enjoyed Ravi Subramanian’s writings immensely… to such an extent that he goes right there to my list of must-buy-authors.. well the others gracing that list include Mary Higgins Clark, Sophie Kinsella, Jeffry Archer, Chetan Bhagat and a few others 🙂

Well, as with IF GOD WAS A BANKER, this one too travels into the current doings of NYB – New York International Bank… If the previous book was a  80s-90s era where everyone was good albeit with its own dose of sycophancy and office politics et all.. in the end it was a case of all’s well that ends well.. wherein the protagonists turns a new leaf thanks to the supporting good characters.. It would be wrong to say that this is an exact opposite sequel to  that one.. but yes in more than many ways,… this book was a stark opposite to IGWAB(the prev book.. the title’s too long..sooowwwweeeee 😥 ) the protagonist here is basically a good guy who imbibes a few grey shades(I wouldn say black.. cos he was never harsh or mean or game-playing types) from his peers and seniors…

So here we travel into the life of Amit and Chanda… Amit an ambitious typical-good-boy with his head firmly above his shoulders.. With the right kind of degrees and qualifications.. Married to Chanda a career-oreinted girl whose career in bio-technology are thwarted by her orthodox parents with cultural roots.. Amit chooses NYB in stead of another illustrious high pay package job just cos of Aditya’s provoking speech… Aditya  Bhatnagar – the perfect chess player in terms of NYB.. I wouldn’t refer to him by the designation he holds in the story basically cos what he does is positions his players accordingly where at the end of the day he wins Fair N Square… Enter Gowrishankar –  a scheming political game player who makes sure everyone’s aligned to him and works in tandem with him.. those who defy lose terribly personally and professionally.. Manish Kakkar – a saintly soul with no hassles about anything at all.. just does his work and keeps mum.. it was only towards the end that his real traits did come forth…

Each one of these (baring Chanda ie. ) are the Devil in Pinstripes… and how or what they do is what the story is all about…

After IGWAB this was a perfect dose of drama required.. at many places it was more than gripping.. there were days when I wud doze off with the book basically cos I wud wanna knw wat happens next..

So overall I can say this book is a MUST READ for all you bookworms like me out there… Thank you Mr.Ravi for such a wonderful treat… 🙂

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

17 thoughts on “I love this DeViL..!!!

  1. Garfy Boy says:

    Awesome book and awesome review! We can find this devil around us all the times. I can easily relate these characters in books with people around me in my company. Thanks a lot Megz for suggesting this book. 🙂

  2. hey,

    yaar kitna likhegi……can’t believe it….itna frequently toh main padhta bhi nahi…..and u know that i hate reading……..books…not posts…..movie shovie ke baarein mein likho to dekhi…….

    • aleeeyyy yaaar…. main jis kisi bhi book/music/movie ki review maarti hoon tune padhi/suni/dekhi ni hoti hai… 🙄
      tussi padhte/sunte/dekhte kyaa ho 🙄

  3. Dishit says:

    actually i did not really enjoy the IGWAB so am a little skeptical about this one. but your review is compelling me to pick up the second one 🙂 – nice review!

    • hey IGWAB was indeed a good book.. and this i felt in more than many ways better than that..
      teek mat kharch kar paise u owe me a treat.. so meet up i will lend u the book 🙂

  4. You’ve written a wonderful book review but I am waiting to write a review on your book. You’ve praised the writer with ease and I want to praise you with flamboyance. I haven’t read this book but I am going to buy a copy now just to feel what you must have felt while writing this review. Some people express things so clearly that you love to gaze at their work endlessly. The beauty of your write up lies in its simplicity. Nice read, beautiful usage of words and eventually a great post. Keep writing because the best from you is yet to come.



    • awww….maaannn…. that was very sweet and generous of you…
      you always leave me zapped with your comments…
      i’m completely outta words…
      ur such a sweetheart…
      thank you soooo much dear 🙂

      • The next one … is a story of a bankers family…and will be out next year.. its tenatively titled..”The imperfect God”. it wil only come ot in Q3 2011… Read your poems .. thy are brilliant.. u write well 🙂

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