[V-Day Carnival]Dreamy Whispers..!!

“Do you ever put your arms out and just spin and spin and spin? Well, that’s what love is like. Everything inside of you tells you to stop before you fall, but you just keep going.” – Practical Magic

Is that what your experience about LOVE says..???

If yes…. tell us we are all ears (awright, eyes.!! 🙄 ) to know… If no… then how was it different..?? DO Tell, as we would still like to know…..  🙂

kkiieekkiieekkiiee  :mrgreen:

Cos thats what the carnival is all about… The Carnival For LOVE… By LOVE… With LOVE…and TO LOVE…!!!

Here’s another scoop of LOVE from me


Dreamy Whispers…!!

Lonely Night..

Stars Shining Bright…

The murmur of my heart..

Just feels so right..!

A silent wish..

A silent quiver..

Your name in my heart…

Came as a whisper..!!

I’m waiting…

I’m yearning..

For you my love..

I’m burning..!!

Dreams in my mind..

Of Love so Divine..

Waiting for the tomorrows..

When you shall be mine…!!

Lost in an embrace..

Of your unknown Face..

Yet feels so perfect..

As it fills up the empty space..

I’m waiting…

I’m yearning..

For you my love..

I’m burning..!!


This time a different style…embarking on different pastures…

Nonetheless… this is my offering..Where’s yours??

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:


18 thoughts on “[V-Day Carnival]Dreamy Whispers..!!

  1. Garfy Boy says:

    Too good yaar..
    nice lines..
    Yet feels so perfect..
    As it fills up the empty space.

    sahi hian yaar. main kuch kahna chahta hoon..

    Pyar koi khel nahi jis mein jeet ya haar ho,
    Pyar koi chiz bhi nahi jo har waqt taiyaar ho,
    Pyar wo hai jab pata ho kisi ne nahi aana,
    phir bhi uska intezar ho…

    • waah re waah…….tussi bhi shayar ban gaye ho dost 😀

      Love is good
      And love is bad
      Love is in this
      And even in that

      What are u waiting for?
      Come let’s spread love
      It’s the only nectar
      Sent from heavens above

  2. @garfy
    aayehaayyeee.. yaarr.. maan gaye…

    jannat ye sabhi ko naseeb nahi hoti
    ishq ke pehloo har pal khushi nai hoti
    aansu mile tho pee bhi jaaye
    ye wo din hai jisme har pal roshni nahi hoti

    • Garfy Boy says:

      Ishq ki taqdeer mey intezar hi intezar hai
      koi aaya na aayega lekin
      kya kare gar intazaar na kare?

      ishq ke imtihaano se guajrna
      har kisike bas ki baat nahi
      Ishq ki manzil hai ki,
      ……. milti nahi kabhi mujhe.

      • waah waah mere sher… khoob kahaaa…

        imtihaano se hum guzar jayenge..
        taqdeer se bhi lad jayenge
        wo aaneki rehmat tho kare..
        hum kayanaat se bhi bhid jaayenge 😀

    • //never knew whispers could be so loud .. feelings freshly wrapped in words spoke aloud//
      when poetry flows..even the heart’s innermost secrets come to life and resound the loudest cacophony u cud have every heard 😉
      hell..yaa i mite have gone a tad overboard there…but thats kinda true 😀
      thanks for your compliments dear 🙂

  3. like an earlier comment said… its almost like a song… very nice… am actually singling it while i am reading… if i do come up with a tune… ill let ya know hehe

    Btw ur earlier lay out was better… i really liked it. 😦

    Latest Blog Post: Jab we met

    • ok this is strange i wa susing chrome earlier and the lay was different… now using firefor and its the olf one… guess u havent changed it… its just the stupid browser…

      • haahaahaa…
        i think its ur browser thts spoiling my layout 😀
        Cos i havent changed my theme or layout for ages…err… awright since the day i’ve created the blog 😀

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