[V-Day Carnival] Destiny Despairs

Another year…. another day… some heart met.. some drifted away…. some still groping in the dark… searching for their ray of light.. hoping…praying..someday.. someone.. would enter and make everything bright…

Lost in the dreams of solitude.. here I churn another poem…. hoping to reach across to those.. who are still yearning for that funny thing called LOVE…


Moon’s out with clouds over cast

Curtains askew, wind’s icy blast

Into dreams I waft along

Heart humming a silent love song

Thoughts of yonder delight me

Up in the sky I feel so free

Unleashing my inner zeal

Secrets lay for me to unveil

Through the mazes I amble around

Earnestly waiting for an unknown sound

Beguiling me towards the end

Fear amplifies with every bend

Spell breaks, I’m rendered all alone

Awakened stunned, chilled to the bones

He was so near and yet so far

Destiny plays games bizarre

Still bereft of the love I need

Only dreams remain to feed


This time a different style…in search of love in myriad hues…waiting for that light to shine upon me ant sweep me off with it…

lonely hearts dont fret.. they pray…they hope..

for better brighter tomorrows… else

they dream… they dream in despair….they dream with about their pair…

Funny that dreamers are the most hopelessly romantic souls

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!



12 thoughts on “[V-Day Carnival] Destiny Despairs

  1. Hi, was tag surfing, looking for some new poetry to enjoy and stumbled on your blog. Looked around some, enjoyed some, will return to explore another time.

  2. dustus says:

    This poem is great. Also tried reading it with the lines in reverse order, which does sound really good as well. Awesome

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