My Open Heart

I kinda know you all are tired of my Love Poems tagged [V-Day Carnival]

aahh… but this is just the same..

Only this also ensures my participation in the Thursday Poets Rally hosted by Jingle…

It was mighty swell of you Jingle to give me a chance to participate and introduce to me many other poets too..

Thank you very much…

and as for you my readers.. Here’s my poem


My Open Heart…

I feel a magic in the air

As breeze plays with my hair

A name it whispers in the ear

His voice calling me near


My instincts seem to overdrive

Luring dreams, stills come alive

Drawing me closer to a silhouette

Hazy and misty his vignette


The fog spreads its icy wings

With it, a shadowed gloom it brings

Dispersing a veil, as if disguising

My clouded thoughts, condensing


Yet I feel a fervor rise

Drifting into darkness, my eyes

A picture clears yet afar

Leaving my heart’s door ajar..


So here’s to all those poets and lovers out there….. 🙂

All you poets put on our poetic caps and take part in the Thursday Poets Rally….

and most of all thank you the opportunity….

40 thoughts on “My Open Heart

  1. Garfy Boy says:

    Hmm another good as usual.
    \\I kinda know you all are tired of my Love Poems tagged\\ yes.. true. Ab kahani me jara twist aajaye. kuch chatpata chahiye ab hame 🙂

    BTW, Angel is looking very nice! 🙂

  2. Hi Meghna, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    Your poem is so dreamy and beautiful…it made me sigh 🙂 Plus im a total sucker for romantic poems. So im gonna stroll through all your V-Day carnival poems 🙂

    • woww…that was pretty quick..
      thank you sooo much for stopping back…
      aawww..thanks for the compliments dear 🙂
      oh please feel free to browse through 🙂
      its a pleasure having you here 🙂

  3. Wow, this was fresh and inspiring!! I loved the image, amazing, very similar to what I like to use myself. I’m glad that I’ve met you I’m a huge fan already!! 🙂

    • wow…thanks Beth…thats an honoour…
      Im not as good as u guys…im still learning the ropes of poetry…
      thank for such a lovely compliment and yes do keep visiting 😀

  4. okbobok says:

    hey meg! thanks for writing. i liked “icy wings” and the idea of a heart having a door that’s left ajar. but i think my favorite part of this poem was the “thoughts condensing.” such a physical process for metaphysical things to experience! i’m thinking about what that would look like… thoughts dripping? or just beading up like water vapor on a window? hmmm! 🙂

    • wow…
      u have some imagination dude…
      u rocked with that comment… and thanks for those wonderful words 🙂
      you did motivate me to better myself now 🙂
      thanks for stopping by and yes do keep visiting.. your comments wud spark my imagination furthermore 🙂

  5. Lovely poem. I like the last line in particular and how it echoes the title. Interesting how some of the images almost argue against one another. Thank you for the invite. Glad you joined the Rally.

  6. if they’re all as good as this i’m sure i wouldnt get tired of hearing them.
    i’ll check out more later.
    i’ve just got a lot more to go on jingles list.

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