Rants of A Gloomy Mind..!!!

When you’re tired and bored and everything seems stupid and idiotic.. you think like an insane…someone whose lost it…

and thats when the negativity takes over….. and the result is…


Rants of a gloomy mind

It’s an idle sluggish lazy Day..

I feel tired, mind’s like clay..

Aint no urge to laugh n play..

All I possess is a look of dismay..

Not a day for me to be proud..

My head seems to be in cloud..

Nauseating, choking are the crowds..

Why on earth, am I thinking aloud..?

Melancholy seems to hover..

Jollity appears to be a lost lover..

With every second the day seems slower ..

Just want this day to be over..!!

Wonder what has gotten me..

Lost in gloomy reverie..

Feel in shackles, set me free..

Oh! Lord just let me Flee..!!


sigh…!! thats what happens when its weekend and you have no plans…

and nothing excites you… nothing seems right…

nothing occupies your mind 😦

sigh..!!! anyays…!!

Keep watching this space fpor more idiosyncrasies  😉

That’s it from Megzone for now..

Keep Smiliing..!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

32 thoughts on “Rants of A Gloomy Mind..!!!

  1. PoetTraveler says:

    lovely poem….it’s good to read so many talented and clever poets in this community.. and they bring happiness and UNITY as they reach out to help each other and cheer us all on. 😀 Congrats on the awards!

    • hey thanks Kalpesh… 🙂
      sometimes.. the mind is so muddled and murky that you end up pouring out your thots..
      in my case i jus rhyme them to make it a poem 😉
      thanks for stopping by and i hope you keep visiting 😀

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