Typo Terrors…!!

Imagine you wanted to call someone as “Ma Devi” and ended up typing “MuDevi”… 😳

And you realize only after you get the reaction from the other side…

Especially in this age of touch-phones, iphones, and inbuilt spellcheckers…  the blunders that can be committed are innumerable and infinite…

Now I completely agree with mouli’s one liner that says “Ecstasy and guilt follow one after the other.. Only I would like to make it Ecstasy and Embarrassment… oh welll.. In the ecstasy of pulling someone’s leg you write something.. only to later be embarrassed at what the word/sentence went out at…

Sigh..!!! yeaaa.. That’s what typos do..

Not just TouchPhones even mails/OCS or any means of communication for that matter…

So here are some real-life incidents that made the writer (not me you sillies… but those who wrote them) blush a deep beetroot red with embarrassment..


>     OCS GOOF UP ~

A good friend and colleague of mine is a huge huge fan of twilight and she wanted to gimme a tidbit about the movie and said “ Rob Pattinson was about to quit his movie career before he AUCTIONED for Twilight” and she got a RAISED EYEBROW look from me.. and thats when she realised she made a typo….well…. She wanted to say “Auditioned” and I knw she’s gonna kick me wen she sees this post….  sorry gal 😛


Now this happened with your’s truly 😳 … I was in a super laughter riot chain mail with 2 fellow friend-bloggers and I wrote “your current state expires me to pen a poem” Gulp..!!! I meant to write “your current state inspires me to pen a poem”.. Darn..!! the glories of multi-tasking… 🙄


The other day  yours truly(well a wise one once told me.. you can’t damage others unless you damage urself n laugh abt it.. ur words – my rule mate 😛 )  was busy replying to a friend (a guy)on sms.. I typed in “hows the skit shaping up” and sent only to recv a msg “what do you mean -hows the skirt shaping up… I was like jeeeezzzzz…. 😳


Imagine my plight…. I sent a mail to my frn… which was actually my latest concoction of a song.. That I now prefer to call a poetry.. So I just pinged him n told him ive sent him a poem jus lemme knw ur thots.. He asked “why is it a poem” my reply “well actually it sarong “and he gave me K  I was like “shitt…soweeee… I meant it’s a song” 😳


Awrighty… this happened over the OCS… I was chatting with this friend of mine… and she told me it was raining in Chennai… and I said ”wish it was training in mumbai too…” and I got a biiigg bulby for that….. 😳


The other day I was on gmail chatting with frn of mine… and he told me sum secret.. and being a true blue harry potter fan he said sumthing like..  “By the law of Unbreakable Vow your sworn to sexy…” and I was like 😯 and he was like.. “shitt shitt  I mean secy…secrecy


The other day I was catching up with an old college friend of mine.. and I was just asking her wat she is doing… and she replied Company Sorcery… I was like 😯 and she was like jeezz… I meant Company Secretary… and I was like 😆


So much for typo terrors… hope you guys enjoyed my damaging session…………

Keep Smiling…!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging…!!!

Cheerios..!!!  :mrgreen:


52 thoughts on “Typo Terrors…!!

  1. Garfy Boy says:

    Waah.. sahi hain yaar! Fo a change bahut acha lag raha hain.
    Ekdam bhakas likha hian. oops sorry, typo, i mean ekdam zakas likha hian. 🙂

  2. gaffes are common since we seem to be in one big hurry…thanks to MSoft for those red and those green lines under words…I would be lost without them…thanks for the laughs…smiling at you

    • aaww…so true nalini.. if not for those red and greens.. m sure my spellos and sentences wud have been a complete turmoil.. so much for the fast paced life 🙂
      thanks for writing in dear 🙂

  3. damn concise lingo……it brings a lot of typos….

    meri toh especially waat lagti hai …..faala coding karte waqt aagar galti ho jaye…..toh mar gaye…….then ghanto for the debugging…..for a simple…typo

    • lolzz… oh the woes of coding eh 😈
      the SMS and Chat lingos have caught on so badly that even while typing formal official mailers i end up writing U, wat, den etc etc…
      damn bad maan…

  4. ok…this one is bad instance……..

    i was talking to my friend….when i asked him about his office timings…

    Me:- “What your new shit(shift) timings???”
    and i read it then……..and i was…wat did i just said…..

  5. nice post loved it…. especially i am a typo king!

    there was this gal i liked and was chatting on gtalk… and i was like… “let’s meet at a pubic place”

    of course, public place was what i meant. ended up never talking to her ever again… let alone meeting at pubic places…


    • sheeeeshhh….. i hope it wasnt a lady on the other side.. u surely might have scared her off.. she mite not chat with u for the next 7 lives i blieve 😛

    • not only change the meaning.. sometimes it can damage relations too 😕
      especially.. if you’re chatting with the getting-to-know-them friends…

  6. Dishit says:

    lolzz – hilarious one!
    we have meetings going on chats – and the typos generally make those dull meetings interesting 🙂

    • oi u mean conference chats..
      haayyeee.. mera jo multi-taskin glories hai wo conference hi thaa..
      between Sree, Raji and Me 😳
      mat pooch yaar.. solid damage hui us din 😳

  7. Vyasamoorthy says:

    Nice collection of typos. I am a moderator for a discussion group for senior citizens. In a welcome post to a new lady subscriber I wrote “You will soon start getting massages. If you don’t pl let me know”. Hell broke, especially as she was introduced by her husband!

  8. Samik says:

    Oh man !!! I have “typo” like evertime i chat… its just that i cant contract…. OH SHITTTT COntrol 😛 myself…. and it appends in itselffff…

    DAMN! it should be happens in place of appends!!!

  9. Good collection & I very much agree with your friend’s “Damaging” philosophy 😛
    I guess if we all learned how to type, typos would reduce considerably.I make the most of my index fingers and hence the typos… 🙂

  10. I feel a little guilty laughing at your expense, but this truly is hilarious…..

    And it’s important to know that today technology, which was supposed to have made all this easier for us has made it such a pain at times, and we have to be extra careful every time. Of what use is such technology???

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