Proxy Words ~ Celebrity Ishtyle..!!

There are trends and there are trendsetters… there are Public Figures and then there are Celebrities… what happens when these Celebrities become trendsetters…Wondering what im talking about.. well… there are some Celebrities who have become a trend themselves… 😉

a flyspde.. a wacky side..!! 😀

A trend that we identify them with…. something that defines them… when u think of them u think of “oh,.. the same who did this..” or “Oh..! isnt he/she who started this..??”

Still wondering what I’m targeting at…?? 😛

Kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:

Read On..!! and yes this is yet another Collaborative- Teamwork from the factory of insane bloggers ~ Sree and ME 😀


1. Do a Sachin ~ When you hit a 200… cud be anything posts/comments/tweets 😉

2. Do a Emraan Hashmi ~ when you love Lip-Locking 😛

3. Do a Kareena ~ When you get to Size Zero

4. Do a SRK  ~ when you create a  controversy just before ur next release

5. Do a Sreesanth ~ when you cry in public

6. Do  a Chetan Bhagat ~ When you ask for royalties for your work

7. Do a Shahid ~ when u use F in  syllables that use  S

8. Do a Harbhajan ~ when u slap in publiz

9. Do a Vivek Oberoi ~ When you complain to media abt incessant calls from ur lover’s ex

10. do an SRK ~ When you stammer in love

11. Do a Salman ~ when you remove your shirts to show your Body 😉 OR When you are the most eligible bachelor even at 50

12. Do a M F Hussain ~ When you always carry your working tools.

13. Do a Rajnikanth ~ when you act with heroines half your age and still manage to pull in Full House

14. Do a Kamal ~ When you are a master of disguises

15. Do an Pritam ~  When you are a master at plagiarizing other people’s work

16. Do a Rakhi ~ When you call God JEEJUS

17. Do a Manmohan ~ When u are a sincere puppet in the hands of ur MANAGER 😛

18. Do a Laloo ~  When you can have your own family cricket team

19. Do a Bal Thackeray – when you interfere into things which are none of your business

20. Do a Mayavati ~ when you propose to have ur sculptures installed everywhere

21. Do a Saif – when you munch on Lays, cos you got zero-size anyways

22. Do an Amir ~ when you can look like college goers even at 45

23. Do a Vidya Balan – when u look hot, despite being in a old fashioned mind-slot

24. Do a Rahul Gandhi – when u preferred being India’s most eligible bachelor forever

25. Do a Kangana ~ When you look natural in psychic roles


Do you identify anymore trends of  Celebrities ?? Have we missed out anything… or anyone…??

Do let us know… cos we wud love to hear…

Also let us know if you want to put us behind bars..We promise not to let you know about our escape plan! 😉 😛

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

/Disclamer – this is just a fun post.. there are no intentions of hurting anybody’s sentiments..

Please do take it in the right zest… 🙂 /


8 thoughts on “Proxy Words ~ Celebrity Ishtyle..!!

  1. That kkiieekkiieekkiiee would definitely remind me of this post…

    Did you miss Amitabh for dabur chayanprash, Amar Singh for n number of things, Tweet for Shashi Tharoor, Rahul mahajan for irritation, MS Dhoni for some fan company, Anil Ambani for aggressively buying anything, Raju for fraud, Bobby darling for…, Wiendel Rodricks for gay support…et al…

    Liked the istyle of the post!

    • /That kkiieekkiieekkiiee would definitely remind me of this post…/
      i wud prefer to take that as a compliment 😉

      well i wasnt plannin on an advertising and stars thingy.. but u did give me an idea… 😉

      the thing was these incidents were like a signature mark.. and hence the comparisons..
      maybe i could do a sequel to this one 😀
      thanks dear..
      do keep visiting 😀

    • /hehe nice list!/

      /looking at that – i would like to do a Emraan /
      oi hoi… kyaa baat haai..
      aap tho chupe rustam nikle janaab… 😛
      humein tho laga aap log wadde seedhe saadhe hai… but tussi tho thope ho 😉

      /do go for a seequel/
      kkiieekkiieekiiee :mrgreen:
      eeyuppp…will surely try 😉

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