Poetic Resonance..!!

Poetic Resonance


The higher I go

The farther I see

I see sumthin glitter

And my heart says “gee!!”

I try to reach it

With my hands out stretched

The more I get closer

It’s seemingly far fetched

Suddenly its approaching

“I’m nearing” I exclaim

I see it shining bright

Its mine afterall I proclaim

With a surge of new optimism

And determination I proceed ahead

I see a smoky phase advancing

Oh so carefully I tread

The smoke encapsulates me

Making me shiver to bones

A fuzzy feeling grows over

And my head groans..


Thank you Jingle for the Week-8 Perfect Poet award.. and thank you Severny for voting me 🙂

My vote for goes to WordWand


Also thanks to Trisha for presenting me the Best Blog award…

Since I have already passed it on previously.. this one I shall keep it to myself… 🙂

Thank you Trisha…!!


Also my darling friend Arpit presented me with a Thank You Award..

And this one I would like to pass it on to all those who have tolerated my insanity so far.. :mrgeen:






















Congratulations to you all..

To pass it or not is at your own wish… 🙂

No rules on this one 🙂

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

52 thoughts on “Poetic Resonance..!!

  1. thanks…….but be true…..ladki….not biased…..

    waise bhi almost not blogging now a days…..hope to be back and will be at the top soon….then millega toh mazza aayega

    • /hanks…….but be true…..ladki….not biased…../
      areee biased kyu..
      you have always been a regular commentor yaar.. atleast fr that you deserve it 🙂

      /waise bhi almost not blogging now a days…..hope to be back and will be at the top soon….then millega toh mazza aayega/
      tab kuch aur award de denge yaare.. awards ki barkat hai yaar 😀

    • /you are flying high and see the world you have never seen before…/
      err.. maybe 😉
      i simply have no idea.. its just an abstractish poem… 😀

      /amazing talent and inspirational poetry!/
      aawww…thanks Jingle.. you are the sweetest 🙂

  2. Loved every bit of your poem.
    My mailbox is full with your posts and even though i am not a regular commentor but i make sure to go through your posts on a daily basis. You rock gal 😀
    looking for more:)

    • awwww…. thanks you Divyanshu…
      that was very sweet compliment you gave me..
      errr… umm.. i hope i am not spamming your Inbox 😳

      in case not.. then do keep visiting… 🙂

  3. *Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!*

    Smiling.. *Checked* 🙂

    Rocking.. *Checked* 😀

    Blogging.. *Checked* 🙂

    Now i can go for another drink.. 😛


  4. doubtfulpoet says:

    Thanks ever so much! I’m going to put them all up tonight now I have a bit of a collection again! You ROCK!!

  5. Thank you so much for being such a regular on reading my poems.
    Your poem is beautiful and I can so totally relate to it. Resonating Yes!!!

    • awwww…saannddyyyy… u dunno how great it feels to have you in my space…. 🙂
      i love your poems.. and adore your ability to come up with such lovely wonderful ones 🙂
      thaankkk you soooo much dear.. you just gave me a much needed boost 🙂

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