Romance With Chaos…!!


Nakul is my name..

I hate my job

Life seems a game..

Boss’ a  Slob..

Nothing ever goes my way


Folks at home

Want me married

And my girlfriend

Has me harried

Sigh..!! Nothing ever goes my way…


My peer whom I helped

Stabs my back..

Influences boss

I end up smacked

Why..??Nothing ever goes my way…


Girlfriend dumps

Parents embarrassed

Life in shambles

Gives me goose bumps

Crap..!!Nothing ever goes my way…


Colleague supports and Cares

I fall for her kindness

She’s a lesbian

S***..! Life’s a mess

Never..!!Nothing ever goes my way


Along comes an angel

Brand new employee

Philanthropist nature

Even inculcated the same in me

Jeeeezzz..!!Nothing ever goes my way..


Drenched in philanthropic ideas

We embark on an impossible expedition

We struggle yet succeed in our mission

And I get the much needed recognition

At last something did go my way…


Wondering what this is all about… Well this is a review of the book called “Romance with Chaos” by Nishant Kaushik….

And if you are wondering where the chaos in all of this… welll… is you need to read the book to know what the “Chaos” here is all about…

I have given out a niche part of the story… an outline.. a gist… but to know what exactly I am talkin about you definitely need to read the book..

It’s a CERTIFIED MUST READ from me… I would give it a 3.5/5

Cos I felt it dragged a bit in some parts… but overall its an enjoyable read… many of us would be able to relate to Nakul the protagonist, his characterisation and also his experiences..… it has typical characters from the IT industry.. some who are frustrated with whatever they do… some who would do anything to get ahead…sometimes sycophancy too… all kinds of personalities that you can see and meet all around you…

The Chaos factor is indeed the most interesting and un-put-down-able part of the book… What happens to the character of ERIC is definitely something that can keep you hooked.. whose Eric??? well.. read the book peeps…. 😀

And yes I loved the ending.. No not cos it was all’s well that ends well.. it doesn’t have the clichéd ending  where the guy get the gal..etc…etc…Nopes that’s not the end…

The end which describes that inspite of the chaos you need to find that one thing that puts you apart.. that differentiates you from the others.. that one thing that keeps you satiated inspite of the chaos… That is a perfect ending for me…. 🙂

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

28 thoughts on “Romance With Chaos…!!

  1. Garfy Boy says:

    Awesome zakpak review dear!
    book is awesome and i will say its a must read for people working in IT. 🙂 Awesome review again. 🙂

    • hey thanks for stopping by..
      yes i surely did like it..
      and recommended to a couple of friends who happen to like them too..
      so i guess u mite like it too..
      padhke bas gaaliya nai maarna 😉

  2. Anjan says:

    I would love to buy ur book of poetry rather than “Romance with chaos” any day 🙂 But sadly i happened to buy it..probably the worst book i have ever to read that “Oh Shit!! Not again book.. I mean this new breed of writers are becoming formulaic ..romance with chaos uses the same template of chetan Bhagat.. And the lesbian thing at the end was stooping too low to rivet readers attention..
    But I like the way u review the books 🙂 just couldn’t concur with u on this one

    • oh please DONT READ oh shit not again..
      i have read it and even posted a review..
      do check it up..
      trust me its not worth it..
      i found romance with chaos much much better compared to that shit…

  3. dustus says:

    The lines at the end… “Drenched in philanthropic ideas / We embark on an impossible expedition / We struggle yet succeed in our mission” Awesome

  4. Hey Meg

    There’s something awaiting you in my blog. Pls do share my happiness and festive spirit…

    And thanks for the Award:)))


    • awww..thanks Nalini..
      though this seems a bit inspired by Chetan Bhagat style of writing.. but i assure you its not that bad.. do try to read it if you can 🙂

    • hey thanks Nishant.. its an honour to have you on my blog space…
      and thank you very much for liking it…
      i hope your next book comes out soon 🙂
      looking forward to it 🙂

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