Stud But Dud..!!!


STUD But DUD..!!

Walking like a stud

Looking really dud

Collars pulled up

Hair all messed up


Shades covering eyes

Thinks he’s cool as ice

Funky looking earring

Strides like a king


Cellphone tring tring

Yellow colour bling

Low waist jeans

Proud peacock preens


Messy grown stubble

Steps seemingly hobble

Acting like he’s hot

Sadly but he’s NOT


Attitude needs a check

Well I don’t give a heck

Men like these don’t charm

So I have no qualms


If you guys are wondering.. What… Where… How.. Why.. This poem…??

Well I happened to such a Stud-Dud today evening..

And the moment I saw him I felt this idiosyncratic urge to pen down a poem on him…

I’m doubly sure a dud like him is not gonna read this.. so I’m safe 😉

And as for you guys.. do lemme know how you found it 😀

Cos your comments are the oxygen to my Bloggy Body :mrgreen:

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

34 thoughts on “Stud But Dud..!!!

    • kyaaa pata.. station pe dikha tha ye nalayak…
      itna dhakkan lag raha thaa..
      yellow colour bling fone dekh ke tho i was like “how tacky” 😕

    • lolz…no i dint notice any tattoo..
      atleast it wasnt visible enuff..
      martin he dint have a gymbody too 😉
      he was pretty lean…
      but the way he carried himself made me go “yew…tacckkyy..!! 😡 ”

    • u nailed it right… bang on Pooja 😀
      so much swagger in the much air about himself.. my oh my…
      thanks for stopping by…
      and do keep visiting…

    • maine kahaan victim banaya…
      wo tho laddoo ke tarah mere haathon mein aa gaya.. i mean shikaar ki tarah meri nazro mein aagaya..
      ab aage peeche chalne walo ko dekhe bagair tho main chal tho nahi sakti princess… 😉

  1. Abhishek Datta says:

    Gosh!!! what a poem!!! And you should not worry, he wont read it… for one who has such a “thud” sense, its highly improbabale that he is into blogging ( meant only for the sophisticated and Shashi Tharoor).

    • llolzzz…thanks Abhi..
      yeaa i knw one thing for a fact that..
      duds like him wont blog.. nor wud they bother to read… 😉
      they wud be busy putting on oodles of attitude and tryin their hand at flirting and impressing women online… crappos i say..!!
      thanks for writing in dear.. do keep visitin 😀

  2. Gina says:

    Hey Meg, great poem! Made me laugh! 😀
    Really catchy and yes, I think we’ve all met a Stud-Dud sometime, somewhere out there. You summed it up nicely. 😉

    • awww..thanks Gina…
      eyyuuppp… when you start observing you realise there are so many genres of people around us.. and for a writer.. they all become specimens and guinneapigs.. sadly this Stud-Dud became mine 😉
      thanks for writing in Gina..
      i hope u keep visiting 😀

      • Gina says:

        i’m a bit technically challenged have been trying to add you to my blogroll for the last 30 mins, unsuccessfully. lol. Think I’ve just worked it out though…getting there! 😉
        Will definitely keep reading – Love your stuff Megz 😀

    • kya yaar… damage kar diyaa… 😦
      i dint mean it that way 😳
      i need to have a strong feeling of “anything” before i pen down a poem…
      and sadly this fella simply gave me a very strong feeling of “YEW…YUCK” and hence i penned it down 😕

  3. @gina..
    awww.. Gina.. if you are using wordpress its really easy..
    on the top of the page you might have sumthing called OPTIONS with a DROP DOWN.. there all you have to do is Select ADD TO BLOGROLL… 😉
    incase its blogspot..err.. m technically challenged on that part 😉

  4. shutu says:

    hehehehehhhe….. finallyy.. wo studd-n-dudd ka likh dia tunee.. 😀 hahahahhaa

    sahii likhaa haii meghuuu… perfeecctttt description.. 😛 for the duds who think they are studs… hahahahhahahaa

    • awwww…thanks dear…
      i wud take that as a lovely compliment..
      if i can influence a non-poem person to like my poems.. that means i really did write some sense 😉
      thanks for writing in.. i hope you keep visiting 😀

  5. hey that was grt….. you should post this poem to the stud….oops i mean the dud…. you saw that evening…after all he is source of inspiration…you must thank him….

    • well… ur right vishu,…
      but then i wonder how his language and accent wud have been..
      with all these attributes i wudnt be surprised if he looks at me as if im another demure-love-stricken damsel for him 🙄
      but thanks for stopping and for your wonderful comments.. i hope you keep visiting… 🙂

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