Oops…!! I Fell In Love…..

“jo dil mein taare waare de jagaa wo tu hi hai.. wo tu hi hai…”

Sree:  heyloooo… temme

She –  hiieee…wassup..??

Sree– reading re…just finished a book…nothing else.. You temme…

She – what re always reading.. You and ur books 🙄

Sree– what to do … Ur a beezee bee… you don’t have time to hang out with me…

She – stop flirting with me..

Sree–  I don’t flirt and you know that..

She – so what are you reading..

Sree– oops I fell in love..

She – what who when where why how… temme temme

Sree– Areee baba that’s the name of the book…

She – gosh..!! I thought you were serious… So whats the book about… I can make out it’s a love story but whats it like..

Sree– Areeee…With Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone… we have a lot of young blogger-writers-authors mushrooming in every corner of India… Each having a school/college tale to tell… And Harsh Snehanshu is no different.. He takes us into the IIT Delhi..  The life and adventures of IIT-ites with the funny little stupid thing called “love”.

She –  🙄 Elaborate please…

Sree – This book narrates the story of Kanav Bajaj…and his tryst with love…

She – gawwdd…… so whats different……

Sree – Kanav’s peculiar name and looks are destined to have him ridiculed.. Naah he’s no geek.. He’s just a normal lean guy with braces and spectacles… and women make him tongue-tied… Till..

She – till he fell in love eh… so typical… 🙄

Sree – areee… but what else do you expect in a book titled “oops I fell in love”.. But this one’s a tad diff in some ways

She – sigh…!!! Yaa so that’s it eh… that all the book is all about.. And who is this TILL… girl that he met..

Sree – Tanya… The love of his life… The angel who entered his heart and played such a tune with his heart-strings.. That he could not think of anything but her.

She – waah waah u shud be a poet u know… is that all… He met his life changed and that’s wat this one’s all about… 🙄

Sree – Noooo re… This love story is interspersed with the trysts of his hot-stud-roomy Aryan in search of his love.. And Anuj with his many travails of Nikita..Nitika… Niti and finally I believe Nikki… wonder wat was Anuj and his fixation for “N” girls…. 🙄 And then there is Sameer the motu in the gang..Not only does he have a lot of fat but also his fetish for philosophy in anything and everything.. Set in times when Orkut was booming and Facebook was yet to make its presence felt..

She – sheeeshh.. Again the same clichéd FPS kinda story of friends…

Sree – ya you can say that… and pretty much like that this too just follows the love story of Kanav.. only he doesn’t have to worry abt Tanya being a proff’s daughter but that she has a man-hater for a mother..

She – Whaaattt….??? What do you mean man-hater woman for a mother…??

Sree – I’m not givin away the story.. You can read it up if you want to..

She – nalaayak… tell me naa…

Sree – Nopes sorry… no ways.. I have already given you a gist of the book.. Can’t give out more details… read it.. Or if you want I can lend you mine.. We can meet that way… 😉

She – Flirtooo… so how would you rate it…

Sree – It makes up for a wonderful read.. A typical sluggish day with tea or juice by the side.. Music from the iPod blasting in your ears.. Perfect for a lazy summery afternoon… 😀 I would give it a rating of 2.5/5 😀

She –  2.5 is like average… is it passable..

Sree – No No Certified Readable… read re… it’s not that bad…

She – sigh..!! Ok will see…

Disclaimer –  all characters and incidents mentioned in the post are purely fictional… Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely co-incidental


This is a book review… with a twist.. like I always do… last time it was a poetic review.. this time it was a dialogue 😉

The book is called “Oops! ‘I’ fell in love!” written by Harsh Snehanshu.. He is supposed to have been in his engineering when he wrote the book.. Whether fictional or another true story like CB.. I have no idea…  But yes the book lives upto the expectation delivered on the back cover..

I generally pick up books only if the gist on the back cover entices me.. And well this really did… and surprisingly I wasn’t disappointed.. This is one of those few FPS kinda clone-ish book that lives upto the expectations.. infact I wasn’t expecting any fun in the book at all.. Considering the fact that it was college story and I have read tooo many in the recent times.. But this on amazed me indeed…. I liked it and would recommend it but only if you don’t mind reading another college-story… with a more breezy and different flavour to it.. 🙂

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios…!! :mrgreen:

40 thoughts on “Oops…!! I Fell In Love…..

  1. Dishit says:

    until the last line, i was thinking this is another spoof! In fact I was going to commend you on the names of the characters you created including the author’s until i saw the last para! 😉
    anyways nice creative way of presenting a book review! 🙂

    • lolzz…kyu chaunka diyaa naa 😀
      i asked Sree’s permission before i used his name 😉
      but then i just wanted to present the review in a different way and you know me 😛
      i jus love to be unpredictable 😛
      do read the book buddy.. its def worth it 🙂

  2. Garfy Boy says:

    LOL.. what a way of telling the review. loved it.
    last time it was poem and now this.. awesome.
    btw, changed the look of blog?

    • /LOL.. what a way of telling the review. loved it./
      thank you hai jee 😀

      /last time it was poem and now this.. awesome/
      change is the only constant my dear 😉

      /btw, changed the look of blog?/
      yuppp 😀

  3. Krish says:

    Very nicely said…i guess its time for you to remove the a before amateur..:-) As said writing is a skill..and it truly is either conventional or colloquial…Its more about pushing the message with the right words.. I have come across few people who are effective..This one really seemed so.. Keep Rocking! through bolgging!

    • aww… thanks for those kind words brian…
      yes its fun when a book surprises you..
      i remember most of the Mary Higgins clark books are indeed the ones that surprise me most..

  4. What a lovely review!

    This is the first blog I have been to that I do not understand a foreign language and I am so humbled.

    Lovely post.
    I tend not to buy books the way you do but again,
    I read a book every night since I was 9.
    My favorites still Enid and Danielle.lol

    Here from Jingle!
    Welcome to the Rally!

    Happy Thursday!

    Did you know that I am now hosting a new meme? Find out more Blog of the Week Please join us for the WEEKEND FUNNIES. Week #2 is this Friday to Sunday (March 26-29). See you there? hugs shakira Oscar Wilde-The IRISH Gentleman ART OF GENEROSITY


    • aawww…thanks Shaikra…
      oh i still love Enid myself..
      i do pick up the famous five or secret seven for light reading once in a while 🙂
      thanks for writing in Shakira i hope you keep visiting 😀
      and yes i shall def give the meme a try 😉

  5. Thanks.. this was so needed.. i have been haunting crossword since the past week, unable to pick up anything..
    will surely read this one if you say its worth the read..

    Let me recommend one: “I too had a Love Story” by Ravinder Singh.. its a true story, loosely based on Eric Segal’s version and so tragic one..

    • aawww.. i know that feeling pooja…
      I have wandered into the aisles of crossword wondering what to buy most of the time.. the prob with me is i get enticed to sooo many novels and with a fixed budget im dead choosing which to buy and which not to 😦

      hey i have read that one already dear… read it last year.. it was an awesome book.. nearly brought tears to my eyes 😦

      thanks for writing in dear.. i hope you keep visiting 😀

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