Valentine’s Day ~ Love in all Shades..!!

Naah naah.. puhleasse.. no more V-day carnival here… 😀

This is a movie review.. movie is.. well Valentine’s day..

Though I managed to watch it almost a month after v-day I still have no regrets watching it 🙂

It was a fun movie… and the best part was that in just 1.30 hrs it managed to capture the various forms of LOVE and weave them into innumerable short stories strung them into a big one… and presented it like nothing I’ve ever seen before… well something like “Love Actually” but this has more characters and LA managed to capture just romance in the lives of oldies.. Err… ok 20somethings… Valentine’s Day actually manages to capture many aspects of Love from childhood to teenage to young love… extra marital affairs.. Commitment phobic..Best friends realizing they love each other.. People who claim to be anti-v-day falling in love that very day… anything and everything that is LOVE..

So the story weaves and interweaves around the lives of the myriad actors in the movie.. The wonder part is that it has many actors..And of course my fave singer Taylor Swift as an actress too.. Yaayy….

She does know acting as well as she can sing.. Albeit there’s always room for improvement…

With a star cast that ranges from Julia Roberts to Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner.. Anne Hathway.. Kathy bates.. The masculine Jamie Foxx.. The sexy Mr. Patrick Dempsey.. The slurpilicious Bradley Cooper… the cute Ashton Kutcher.. The old but suave Hector Elizondo.. And many many more…

The stories are weaved beautifully.. Ashton loves Alba.. Proposes to her V-Day morning she says yes.. And he harps it to one and all who know him.. He’s a florist and V-day is the d-day for max business…Patrick is a doc married for 15yrs and was having an affair with Jennifer Garner who incidentally is Ashton’s best friend… half way thru the day alba breaks the engagement and plans to leave.. Patrick comes to deliver flowers to his wife and Jennifer and that’s when Ashton realizes Patrick is cheating.. He tries to warn her off but she decides to find out the hard way.. In the end Jennifer is with ashton.. That’s one story..

Ashton‘s character is like a mediator cos him being a florist helps many other stories.. Jennifer being a school teacher there comes a young boy who wants to send flowers to her and stops by Ashton’s shop.. Hector is the boy’s grandpa and his love story involves falling in love with a lady from school and being with her for the rest of his life.. Only to find out on this v-day that she had had an interim affair with his own best friend when he was away for work… Anne Hathway is a PA to Queen Latifah and since she was broke she picks up to Phone Sex to earn fast money.. She is in love with someone whose in the postal dept from the same office but when he realizes she’s into phone sex he kinda leaves her.. Only to get a vital lesson from Hector and his wife that when u love a person u accept them completely for wat they are with all their virtues  and faults… and he finds himself running back into Hathway’s arms…

Taylor swift’s story is completely different the only connection happens to be that she is a college mate of the young boy’s baby-sitter – Emma Roberts.. So there are 2 young college love stories happening one of Taylor swift and the other of Emma’s… meanwhile Jessica Biel whose Garner’s friend has to sort out a problem of a Sport star Eric Dane.. And meets a sports reporter Jamie Foxx.. Both claim to hate V-day as they have been single since the day they remember but by the time this v-day ends.. They have found each other.. 🙂

There are 2 super surprises and twists in the plot which obviously I am not revealing here…

So you gotta watch it to figure out the twists…!! 😉

The romance is breezy.. Emotional undercurrents… comedy interspersed.. A perfect treat for a lazy weekend.. 😀

A Must See for all romantics and from a neutral point of view.. It’s a CERTIFIED WATCHABLE.. I would give it a 2.75/5.. Naa naaah not being generous at all.. Yea yea I know I’m a sucker for romantic movies.. But this one’s definitely above average… and hence definitely worth a watch.. And with such superb star cast course you can watch it.. I would it watch it just for Ashton, Patrick and of course my eternal pretty woman Julia Roberts J

So long guys.. I know looooonnggg review.. Sorry dudes and dudettes.. Couldn’t help it.. It’s about love after all… 😀

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

19 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day ~ Love in all Shades..!!

  1. ab ki na tune ………badiya wali baat……

    i have always loved these kind of multistarrer movies like Love Actually, He’s just not that into you, 30 something…etc…… thing…with those movies….the screen space was divided among the character pretty well…….

    have high hopes with this movie too…….lots of my fav actors….Patrick Dempsy, Julia Robert, jennifer garner, anne hathway and though it was taylor swift’s first movie but want to see her…………….

    abb tune yaad dilla diya hai………..toh maine abb dekhni hai yeh….

    note… :- Write more abt movies…….


    • lolzz… awrighty wil do more movie reviews.. i knw u dont read books so i guess movie reviews become a must then 😛

      and yes Taylowr swifts first movie and shes def worth a watch.. perfect college romance for her.. really good..
      all of them have done well.. dempsey did look a lil wasted in the movie but then watever role he was given did it perfectly..
      do watch it dude..

  2. Heard mixed reviews on this one. 2.75 may be fair based on what my friends/family said. Now I have another reason to finally see this movie besides Anne, Jen, & Jessica lol Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • aahhhaa… mixed indeed.. cos too many characters and sometimes you feel good actors wasted on smaller roles.. hence maybe the mixed reviews..
      but im a sucker for romcoms so its obv i liked it 😀

  3. Viola says:

    Hello you have a very nice blog. I have really enjoyed looking around and reading. Sorry it took me so long but I just got out of the hospital. Thank you for reading and commenting on my poem.


    • oh my..!! i hope your well now Viola..
      do take care and ample rest dear.. 🙂
      you are a lovely poet indeed 🙂

      thanks for stopping by and i hope you keep visiting 😀

  4. Dishit says:

    hey nice review – your review did make me think of watching it :mrgreen:

    romantic movies except very few are not my cup of tea! – will give it a shot probably in the weekend… 🙂

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