Net-O-Sclerosis for the Netards..!!

Yes Dr. Megz is back with a new Disorder that’s doing rounds in the cyrberworld now..

This has been doing rounds in the world for quite some time but our Dr. Megz has recently researched some really extreme cases and hence would like to bring to light the symptoms and certain facets of this disease..

Thank you once again for taking you invaluable time to be with us Dr.Megz.

Aah the pleasure is all mine.. With the adulation that I have received in my previous interview with you, it was only natural that the next time I wanted to present my research you were the first source that came to my mind.. Thank you very much..

So Dr. Megz what is this NET-O-SCLEROSIS..? Could you please throw some light on this..?

Well.. NET-O-SCLEROSIS is another form of a Compulsive Disorder.. Its kinda similar to the BCD except that in this the addiction is not limited to blogging.. It encompasses all forms of internet surfing, gadget searching.. Chatting, twittering, social networking all of it..

I’m sorry Dr. Megz but I’m sure our viewers would like some more details on this. Cos at this age of technology and development when everything is at your fingertips.. Isn’t this bound to happen??

Very true.. In this age of technology and science its but natural that people are constantly on the World Wide Web keeping tabs on friends, colleagues and relatives but also keeping abreast with the latest innovations… but then as they say too much of anything is bad for health.. And that’s what NET-O-SCLEROSIS is all about..

Doctor I believe our readers are dying to know more.. So I request you to give us some snippets or symptoms that can enlighten us about NET-O-SCLEROSIS..

Sure. The following are a few of the symptoms which I have observed during my research on this

  • Whether work related or otherwise always online searching/blogging/social networking etc
  • Can’t keep his/her minds off the internet and always finding ways and reasons to get back online.
  • The moment they wake up they hit the pc/laptop/mobile and start the day with checking their mails and slowly move into other social networking sites and surfing, surfing included
  • Often forget the basic routine work of brushing, bathing, shaving and grooming self.
  • Even during meetings and travelling often found surfing the internet through the mobiles.
  • Often very erratic sleeping patterns.. And often in sleep –  a habit of moving fingers as if in typing something.
  • If in search of some documents on personal folders, ends up Googling the details rather than performing a folder search
  • Looks for a keypad/keyboard to type in the password while opening the lock at the front door
  • Checking re-checking and re-re-checking social networking sites for any status updates, comments every 5-10mins..
  • Acting and behaving like a zombie if ever there are issues in the internet connection also leads to agitation and irritation towards people..
  • The only modes of conversation and catching up on friends relatives and colleagues are chatting, status updates, twitter etc
  • Awaiting for the food ordered to be delivered in your inbox
  • When the only meetings you attend regularly are virtual conferences
  • When the only way your family can communicate with you for even simpler things as saying goodbye..gudnite..gudmorning..or even askin you to step down for dinner is by twitting..mailing… or leaving a msg for you online..
  • When even simple answers to questions like where did you keep the socks..clothes or any objects results in replies like etc etc
  • Taking the route with the maximum number of cybercafes when going to office/college/movies and going into each one
  • Stating network connectivity as the problem while explaining long periods of silence to friends
  • Expressing speed of vehicles in bitrate (KBPS, MBPS) instead of kmph

These are just a few of the points that have cropped up in my research on this subject..

There are a lot more symptoms which you yourself can look around amongst people all around you..

This is more rampant within the age group of 16+ to as late as 60s.. with the advent of technology and innovation even children and adolescents are usurped into this vicious net..

There is no harm in being tech-savvy.. but everything in moderation is the best..

Thank you so much Dr.Megz for bringing to light one of the unknown diseases that people might suffer… Looking forward to the effects and the solutions to NET-O-SCLEROSIS.. Thank you once again for your time and lovely insight..wooo..scares me already J do look around people.. see if you have come across someone with these signs of NET-O-SCLEROSIS and do write in to us in the form of comments…

That’s it from Megzone now…!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!!! :mrgreen:

DISCLAIMER:  this is purely a work of fiction any resemblance to anyone or any behavior is purely co-incidental…


26 thoughts on “Net-O-Sclerosis for the Netards..!!

  1. Ravi says:

    //Often forget the basic routine work of brushing, bathing, shaving and grooming self.
    So when was the last time you brushed/took bath? any hopes of remembering? 😛 😀

    • oi jaa nautanki..
      the first thing i do wen i wake up is brush bathe and groom myself and then hit the lappie 😛
      so m not a net-o-sclerosis positive 😛
      im safeeee 😀

  2. Dishit says:

    lolzzz…i think i am in advanced stage – just havent reached the stage where i forget my basic necessities 😛

    nice one!!

    • kkiieekkiieekkiiee.. :mrgreen:
      if you cant convince them confuse them 😉
      so khud tho bimar hoon paagal bhi hoon.. ab akeli pagal rahoongi tho log muje paagal samjenge is liye sabko pagal bana rahi hoon.. taaake main akele pagal na rahoo.. 😛
      kuch samja 😉

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