Sree and She…!!

DISCLAIMER:  All characters and incidents in the story are fictitious.. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely co-incidental.

She has been a part of his life since a long time… She was his best friend… She was everything he could ever dream of… She understood him like no one did… She cared for him like no one ever did.. She scolded him, chided him even played pranks on him like no one did..

Well, he never needed anyone else.. When he had her.. Sreeram was his name… and he referred to her as the She of his life… “Where SHE is Sree is”… that’s what he would often say… That even became his signature on gmail… Sree was inseparable from her… but who was she..?? No one knew… not even his parents…

How he met her??

Well Sree was an avid blogger… everytime he had an upsurge of emotions he would bring it all out on his blogs…be it anger, sorrow, happiness, frustration.. His only outlet was his blog…

It was a valentine’s day.. A day dedicated to love and lovers… and Sree was all alone.. Craving for that one special person all his life… and in his frustration he penned down a poem… for his unknown angel.. The girl of his dreams.. The poem was a breath-taking heart-touching piece of poetry.. The kind that can sweep of any girl by her feet and capture her heart… but the result,… not a single comment… he waited and waited.. Even stopped writing anymore.. … all that consumed him day and night was the fact inspite of writing such a beautiful piece of poetry he received not a single comment…  His mind numb, he  did not what to do… to take his mind off things.. and reach out to larger audiences he created Facebook and Orkut ids… promoted his blog there… He joined various blogging circles like indiblogger, BlogAdda, Blogged etc… just to publicize his poem…  he did everything that was in his might to market his post.. but to no avail…

He had shut himself from anyone and everyone… All day all night he would be locked up in his room surfing the net… joining communities… forums etc.. Advertising his blog.. His parents tried to get him out but in vain.. he fastened his door from inside… he even switched off his mobile… he slept…surfed..Promoted..Everything shut in his room for days… 10days and not a single comment yet…then one fine day he woke up and logged on to gmail… and LO Behold! There was a comment for his poem…

“She commented on your poem. To view the comment click on the below link”

He opened the blog and there it was a comment… a single comment a two- liner… it was like a breath of fresh air… It was like waking up from a deep slumber… a chasm had been overcome.. A pinnacle reached…And what was the comment..

“It’s a very heart-warming and touching poem, your yearning and longing for Love has come out really well…Wish I was her

Your SHE”

Boy oh Boy! Overjoyed was he….that was the happiest moment of his life… immediately he commented back…

There is no her… wish you could be her…

And he waited but no response came.. Not so soon… but  that did not deter his happiness in anyway… he felt he was born that day.. He felt like a phoenix that burnt into ashes and reborn again… he felt as if he had been waiting for her all his life… he felt and instant connection with her…  he changed his status message in all his ids and it read thus

I was born before but today I came alive”

That day he shaved… groomed himself and ate well.. He smiled.. A smile that had never graced his face before… almost angelic… there was a spring in his step… a sudden surge of optimism an aura of serenity all around him and his parent were astonished to see a new Sree…

That night he slept.. slept the most peaceful sleep that he had ever had in these many days…he even smiled in his sleep… the next day morning he signed in to his gmail to see yet another reply from her…

“Your poem has captured my senses… I have lost my essences… I’m lost in them… You are a precious gem.. I would love to be yours Sree.. I would love to be your SHE”

And that’s how their love story began…

He would write poems for her… He would often talk about her.. To her.. With her… and she would listen to him patiently..Whenever he was sad he would talk to her and she would listen to him patiently.. she would uplift his moods… whenever he was agitated she would soothe him and calm him down..

She was all that he needed and she was all he could call “his”.

He smiled more… he laughed more… he seemed more calm… he spruced himself well.. His colleagues were happy as his enthusiasm was catchy.. He had soon become everyone’s blue-eyed boy… his seniors had great regards for him.. .. Cos Sree was an avid worker with multi-tasking abilities and the most reliable.. The Mr. Dependable… He would even tell them all about She…  They would take it as a joke..  they would often rebuke him for she was just his imagination… but this tore Sree’s heart.. he was completely agitated and even blasted his friends and once to prove himself right he even showed them his blog.. And they were awe-struck by the communication between the 2.. They even encouraged him to propose to her.. And he would shoo them away saying She was already HIS… but this did create a bridge between his friends and him… Like all good things come to an end they say… Sree too faced this..

With her advent there was also a 360o change in his lifestyle… he was stuck to his laptop like glue…every minute that he was home he would either be blogging or he would be sleeping… he never went out… his work suffered… his parents were worried… They tried in vain to make him more social…slowly he even lost interest in his work… his productivity reduced… his bosses were worried… He had even missed his targets… missing meetings… silly mistakes… even being away from work without any prior intimation… people were worried…

Sree’s TL and close confidante Raji called up his home one day to figure out the crux of the matter only to receive the shocking news that Sree has been shut in his room for over 2-3 days at a stretch… she was shaken to see that someone of Sree’s zeal was locked up for over 2 days… she probed his parents as to since when this has been happening.. And if they had any clue what has been happening to him… But they had no clue whatsoever except that they heard noises of him feverishly typing away on his laptop.. Raji asked his parents if she could come over to meet him and they agreed happily..

After hanging up Raji opened Sree’s blog that he was so passionate about… and she read thru each and every post of his.. And even the comments… and that’s where she saw SHE and her feminine sixth sense went off.. This is where Sree’s problem starts.. Her instincts were howling aloud… The next day Raji went to Sree’s house only to see that his room was shut and that he hadn’t come out for over 3 days now.. She prodded his parents for more details.. And out came the whole story about his sudden detachment, his sudden spells of reservations and complete detainment in his room…

She knocked his door and called out his name… She waited for sometime.. After calling out to him for half an hour the door opened and out emerged Sree… hair disheveled… beard like a grizzly bear… sunken red eyes.. Dark circles around his eyes..Sagging skin…he was astonished to see Raji and she was dumbstruck at his presence.. This was not the Sree she knew.. There has to be something wrong… He smiled meekly greeted her and told his mother he was hungry.. Who rushed to the kitchen teary-eyed..  to prepare something for him… Sree ushered Raji into his room and she was dumbfounded to see the place in shambles.. Smelly clothes strewn across made her gag… he asked her to make herself comfy while he freshened up… She managed to clear up the room whilst he was in the bathroom when her eyes lingered to his laptop.. His gmail was open with a mail announcing a new comment to his blog…  Curious, she read thru the mail.. Such notifications often carry the email id and the Ip address of the person commenting she decided she would note it down and try to verify the SHE of his life…

She had barely noted down the details on her mobile when sree came.. They got talking.. To keep him off suspicions Raji just spoke about general random stuff.. Enquired abt his health… even teased him with his SHE to which surprisingly he blushed… good he has no doubts about my intervention.. Seizing the chance she asked him her whereabouts.. Her details.. he was shy and a little hesitant but she being his close confidante tried to extricate details from him… but all he said was She loved him and He loved her too… it dint matter who she was and where she was… all that mattered was SHE WAS HIS… his mom brought in food for both of them.. Raji suddenly asked him if she could check her official mails from his laptop.. He obliged and she checked her mails.. Absent mindedly she ended up sending a mail to herself from his id… whilst he was busy with food.. He gobbled down food as if he was hungry for yrs.. Her heart reached out to his parents… She was crushed to see him in this stature…but determined she was… They spoke for some time and she bid him farewell… askin him to get back to work soon… he promised to come soon..

Raji reached home with her muddled mind and thousands of thoughts zooming around..Raji stayed with a few room-mates who had planned for a movie that night.. Karthik Calling Karthik.. Latest thriller movies… though her mind was full of Sree’s problems she still decided to take a break from his issue and relax herself.. And what better way than a giggly gang of gals and a night show…. She enjoyed the movie as she has a fetish for thrillers… but when she came out of the theatre she was chilled to bones.. No it wasn’t the AC… She shuddered at the mere thought… But yes definitely decided to attend to it head on..

She went home and whilst her teamies slept she opened Sree’s blog… She read thru each and every post… the comments from SHE and the timings too… Somehow SHE managed to comment at all the odd nocturnal hours.. Ranging from 1-2 am… She wondered and pondered why…Who would bother to stay awake so late.. She went through Sree’s orkut and Facebook accounts to see if there is any presence of SHE… but in vain.. No matter how hard she tried she could get no clues about her… Tired and droopy eyed she dragged herself to bed and decided she would investigate the matter the next day… for the next 1hour no matter how hard she tried sleep eluded her.. . She tossed and turned even put on some lilting soft music but to no effect.. An uneasy furor rose in her mind.. The only thing that constantly flashed in her mind was Sree’s appearance, his blog, SHE’s comments and the movie.. Suddenly she sat uptight… she opened her mobile to her drafts and there it was the details of SHE… her email ID and IP address….as if in a daze she headed to her Laptop.. And opened her mail… … There it was……The mail from Sree’s ID… and the IP address… Holy Cow…!!! The IP addresses are the same… WTH just happened…!!!

All that swam in her head was “where She is, Sree is..”


48 thoughts on “Sree and She…!!

    • awwww…thanks Zorro..
      areeee poore story mein ekdum sach baat tho sirf signature hi hai 😛
      yakeen naa aye tho tere comment ke neeche waale comment kiye huye mere dhakkan dost se pooch 😛
      usi pe aadharit hai ye istory 😛

  1. Haha…mazaa aaya…mere signature se fiction…waise, my life is no less fictional 😛 KCK gave an awesome kick after seeing the Trisha flick…man…she was hot, in blue and white…mind mein I was flying a kite…situation tight, but what a sight!! lol…nah am not what u think i am – fictional 😛 I exist…

  2. this is one of the geek diseases is not it? commenting on one’s own blogs?

    i am posting a comment along with this comment and thats going to zoom to the spam folder because it is containing the urls of the awards i will love to share with you.

    please, please do check your spam folder and let me know if you can locate it 🙂 🙂

    • aawww…… thanks dear trisha.. that was really sweet of you 🙂
      oh well i will surely take up the awards dont you worry and thank you soooo much for honouring me 🙂

  3. now after kartick calling kartick….its sree commenting sree…as she…..

    nice one!!

    ur Fictional sree was soooo sooooo sooooooo desperate to get a comment from SHE…. that sree transformed into she….. chi chi chi chi….lolzzzz

  4. Amazing!!! You know this virtual word is a strange one. It is like living in another plane where you are not your real self. I liked the way you have brought that out in your story- I have seen youngsters going crazy on FB and other such sites. I think blogging is nice but somewhere along the way it can come obsessive. There are a lot of people like SREE who do not get the attention they want in the real world and hence the time they spend in the virtual world. I would like to thank you for reaffirming my faith in good writing. As a new fiction writer I have been trying to connect with other fiction writers and so far yours has been the best!! Hope to see more of this.

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