Reader’s Digest..!!

Ever wondered what transpires in the mind of a fellow blogger when he reads your post and comments on it..

They form an opinion about you and your writing style..

What if you aspire to be a reader’s writer… Arthaarth (as in) if you want to write posts that appeal to your readers.. Which they like.. Which appeals to them… something which they want to see in your post when they hit your blog…

When you write that way You become a Reader’s Writer… cos you write for them… write about them.. Write what charms them.. This would make them return to your blog… cos in some ways you connect to them… or rather they connect to you…

Now I me myself moi meg (oh remember I told you Meg in Norwegian means “ME“ 😛 ) embarked on an expedition to find out what my readers want from me… and here are the results 🙄

Don’t hit me with your chappals…sandals.. Footwear


First to meet was Sri Sri Sri Ashunand baba…

Jai ho baba Jai ho…

And this is wat Baba’s Sermon to Meggie was 😛


Baalike don’t write jus poem

Go get there and show them

What a strong woman you are

Post sumthin that raises the bar

No more smileys.. no more fun

No more masti, no more pun

You shud be a woman of power

Compliments in abundance people should shower…


Jai ho baaba jai ho…

But meggie without smileys is like fish outta water…

It’s like trees bereft of leaves… it’s like air without oxygen.. It’s like a body without blood or bones or even flesh… 😯

Sooweeeeeeeee baba… good to hear difficult to implement but since negativity is bad I shall try J

As I came out of Baba’s Cave… I heard giggles and there was someone swinging on trees like a wild child…

Aaahh… I know who it can be… she was shelter-less afterall..

Then I met Princess Raji… and this is what she said..


Shapes meggie shapes..

Create a lady with capes..

Long flowing gown

Complete with a crown

Add some melancholy

Struck from divine melee

Shape poetry rocks

Even clears mind-blocks


I ended up 🙄 wonder how she manages them.. But I’m not sure if its my cuppa tea..

So I moved on and there under a lonely banyan…ooopppss lemon tree I saw something pink…
ofcourse that’s an un-missable color after all..

Who else could it be but our very own Mr.Pinky waiting for his SHE…

So I met Sree and as usual this is what he said…


Ooooo ailaa oink oink

Ur askin me?? “The pink”

Write about bakwas I say

Saves your face any day..

Fan mails seem compliments

Sarcasm too, in supplements

Write posts on She and Me

Random rants and even parody..



Some list from Sree 🙄

Wonder when plans to actually find a SHE or give up PINK 🙄

Looking Zapped and in a daze I dint know where I was heading and suddenly I found myself in the middle of a jungle..  This was one of my few entries in this part cos he rarely writes… he’s an ardent follower of Baba Ashunand I thought.. And suddenly… whoooshhh… I heard something pass overhead…

I heard some rustling of leaves and bang there jumped someone


It’s me mougli Mouli aint here..

He has hidden himself in fear

Oh what to write u wanna know

I’ll help you and everyone will bow

Create an alter ego for yourself

Even if it’s as puny as an elf

Write your views in its disguise

And see your blog’s value apprise


Alter ego 😯 im insane already… imagine how my alter ego would be…

Scared but beguiled with my mind wandering in its darker and loony areas…

Out of the jungle I enter a space.. Spattered with instruments tinkling and sounds…

Oooohhh sounds laboratory it is… let me ask her


Oi meggie im experimenting here

Some ideas volatile don’t come near

Why don’t you try experimenting too?

People love it even if they have no clue

Experimentation in blogs is new

People doing it are few..

Spelling goof ups and puzzles galore

Your research results creates a furor


Experimentation…???? 😕

Brrrrr……… no thanks… pfftt..  Difficult…

As I moved out of sound-mad-scientist’s lab

I entered a land of music and words.. Words strewn across as if it were a sea of alphabets

And there sitting amidst u and I saw HIM and he was teaching them.. English..!! 😀

Yes you guessed it right it was Mr. English Professor HIMANSHU..!!  😀

So I asked him what to write and this is what he said


Euphoric am I?? You bet..

I shall enlighten you, don’t fret

Elucidate emotions profound

Your Lexis be flawlessly bound

Let the celestial cacophony bring a zephyr

That ruptures delectable mellifluous myrrh

Create a disparate enigmatic marquee

Sway away into a stoic brazen reverie


😯 🙄 😳

I have no idea what that was and what he wanted to “explicate”, “expound” or “enlighten” me with… 🙄

But that surely did leave me in a dizzy and my mind fuzzy ….. 😳

As I ambled my way I mate a strange saint with stubble and a tiny goatee like beard…

Instead of sitting under a tree with beads for concentration.. There he sat with a mudra seemingly YO!

Oh he’s the master of Dudeism.. Sri Sri Dudeshwar

Let me ask him the revered ones who can bring in analogies from even goats…

As I approached him with my predicament.. This is was what Sri Sri Dudeshwar had to say…


Wandering about what to write??

O young lady I understand your plight..

Write  about the goats that don’t brush..

And even shapes of men & their mouche..

Write about the misplaced seat..

How people in other states treat..

Write something about the tether world..

With sarcasm dripping in every word..


Ailaa…!!! Goats..Brushing…men and moustaches…misplaced seats… sarcasm.. Brrrrr….

Too much Dudeshwar baba… That’s too much to handle by an innocent sweet brain of mine… 😳

Haan haan main bechari abla naari doing baatein pyari pyaari… same piece 😉 😛

And I continued the search of what my readers want and I landed up in a clearing where sat a group of people

I just went over aaand here’s what happened..?? 😳


How you doing Yogi

Anu chuckled hihihihi

Chattering prolifically was dearest Pri

Out of ch1, lost in her thoughts sat Appy

Smileys and syllabic responding Ravi

Early morning hilarious dose with Garfy

Oh! How do I write to appeal all ye..?? 🙄

Chuck it lemme just blabber my way …!! 😀


Kkiieekkiieekkiiee.. :mrgreen:

I know you are all trying to track me down to give me the thrashings of my life..

But for now you can do the same on the comments sections… 😀

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios…!!! :mrgreen:


26 thoughts on “Reader’s Digest..!!

  1. Garfy Boy says:

    Whooa! what a summary of all blogger 🙂
    perfectly described! 🙂
    and thanks for mentioning my name 🙂

    • heehehehehehe.. tum logon se utni fataak baatein nai hoti..
      tu ne abhi tho comment karna shuru kiyaa hai mere blog..
      ye log meri internal mein faadte hai
      isliye inki li hai maine 😛

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