Youngistaan ka WOW..!!

This is my entry to the Indiblogger Pepsi Youngistan ka Wow contest..!!

To participate is simple.. nominate 4 of your wackiest funny posts and then the 5th one is the Youngistan ka WOW challenge.. where you play the gamemaster and ask ranbir to do something..

So here’s my take on this..

If I was the Game master I would make Ranbir enter a glass chamber which has a table with 3 glasses containing liquids of same colour and texture, one pepsi and the rest not.

The table has a flat weighing pad displaying the weight of all three glasses.

Only if all three weigh the same or if u pick the right glass would the chamber be open else the trap would be triggered shutting the chamber.

On identifying the right pepsi, picking the glass would release the locker allowing him to pick the gamemaster’s pepsi

Conditions –

1. All glasses should weigh the same for the trap to be inactive.

2. He can use either of these three to identify the right pepsi

a) 3 straws

b) 3 spoons

c) 3 pieces of tissue

if you guys can crack this do please comment herein and let me know..

If you are interested and are a part of Indiblogger you can post this too πŸ™‚

So what your Youngistaan ka Wow Challenge for RANBIR??

What would you as a game master ask Ranbir to do???

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:


80 thoughts on “Youngistaan ka WOW..!!

  1. yaar jaan hi le lego tum toh………………….itni nafrat kyu hai tere dil mein ranbir ke liye……ki ussko hamesha ke liyee……..lock kar ke rakhna chahti hai…..?????????

    aaise aaise task agar ussko doge toh woh toh pyaasa hi mar jayega…. 😦

    • aree bahut simple sa funda hai..
      bachpan mein apan ne bahut kiye bhi honge ye..
      solution bahut hi simple hai πŸ˜›
      bas thodi si akal lagao πŸ˜›

  2. Funny… why should he figure out which one is pepsi to get another pepsi? yeh dil maange more??? Good attempt. all the best. Feel free to check my entry too πŸ™‚

  3. Ranbir will pick up d straws!
    as you said 3 different glasses with 3 different liquids(same colour and texture) and only one as Pepsi. so these liquid will be definitely differ in the weight
    So 3 straws in 3 glass… the weight difference remains the same as it was without straw.
    now he will taste the liquids with straw and identify the Pepsi out of it.
    for the weight…. he will drink and adjust the weight of the three liquids, as he will get to monitor the weight on the weight pads.

    So trap will be released dis way.. and he ‘ll grab the gamemaster’s pepsi ie, your Pepsi and will give it to me….. and then he will probably say these lines… “vishu u r hero”…. i dint mean it tat way… he will say… ok no lines only.. “thankyou”

    • vishu.. ur too complicated..
      but ur there n yet not there πŸ˜›
      and no sorry all the liquids weigh the same πŸ˜›
      they look the same.. the texture is the same… volume also same to same.. but only 1 is true pepsi πŸ˜›

      nice try though buddy.. do keep visiting

      • sorry teacher!

        but i have a doubt…..
        if three liquids have same volume and weight(mass) then why did u put up the condition tat the trap will open if all weigh the same…refer ur wow question….

        agar weight same hai toh woh toh waise he bahar aa jayega….

        //1. All glasses should weigh the same for the trap to be inactive.//
        agar glasses ka weight same nahi hai toh woh jis glass ka weight zyada hai usey woh usmein ka liquid drink karke adjust kar sakta hai…. tats wat i said…

        and bahar aane ke baad he can identify the rite pepsi from the taste…. coz Pepsi tastes better, different….

        and I think this is the answer….. agar aapko answer samajh nahi aaye toh read it again, i kno its confusing, but it shows the way… have patience.

  4. I am not trying to solve the puzzle .. let Ranbir do it. I am leaving my comment.. so that you can win the contest. Hope you have checked out my youngistan ka wow post too..

  5. @vishu..
    baccheee logic ye hai ke glass chamber mein there is a locker which has the game-master’s pepsi ka bottle… and the reason the weight has to be same warna he will be locked inside the glass chamber without the locker-wala pepsi.. the condition here to keep the weight constant and identify the correct pepsi is such that if there is an imbalance in the weight tho chamber bandh ho jayega and locker wali pepsi bhi nai milegi but if he picks up the correct pepsi wala glass then the locker is released he can take the game-master’s pepsi and leave the chamber..
    ab samje bachchu yaa aur detailings doon??

  6. Ye situation aapne banayi hai…????

    Mujhe toh kutch bhi palley nahi pada…..

    May be its like : u have designed the puzzle so you can picturize those details.

    Lekin believe me : Ranbir meri jagah hotaa toh woh bhi nahi samjh pata…..
    Pehley! ek
    Chamber… usmein table… 3 glass… diferent liquids, weight pads, uske jus thodi door ek trap, trap activation directly proportional to weight, then aur door ek locker jismein game master ki pepsi….. oooohhh gooood! Deepika plz help me!
    Now Dont tell me you have to measure the “specific gravity” of these liquid to find out right pepsi……

    oooooo…. meri Pyari Meghna didi, aap he bataa doo wats the answer, to take the poor ranbir out? πŸ™‚ 😦

    • lolzzz…!!!
      itne mein hi haar maan gaye bacchooo πŸ˜›
      school mein masti nahi ki shayad.. geeek ho kyaa πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†
      its simple..
      remember there are 3 each of 3 things they would help you resolve the puzzle πŸ˜›

  7. u called me geek….. u called me geek…..
    Its ok…. tumhare asisa soochne se main geek toh nahi ban jaungaana…( trying to act like i m not hurt… but yup i m thoda saa hurt….)
    Geek…. 1st time in ma lyf sumbudy called me tat…… tat too on sunday afternoon….. god save my evening now… 😦 😦 😦 😦 ….lolzzzzzzzzzzz

    • hehehehehehehe…
      masti kar rahi thi yarrr…
      shyaaa aajkal log masti bhi nai samajhte..
      now u knw why i called you geek πŸ˜›
      cos tum masti nahi samajhte.. im wondering if you really did masti wen u were a kid πŸ™„
      kyuki agar ki hai tho pakka pakka you would knw how to resolve this..
      think like a kid vishu πŸ˜›
      and no ur not a geek πŸ˜€

  8. Me too doing masti only yaar! πŸ™‚
    summer Sundayz ka day tyme bohot boring hota hai na?….
    aalsi log sirf sootey hai…..:(
    aur jo aalsi nahi hotey woh computer pe hotey hai….. πŸ™‚
    Toh din mein kutch tha nahi karne ko….aur fir soocha tumhe jeeta doon comments karke…..
    so uut pataan comments kardiye……
    waise maine apne bachpan mein kaafi masti ki hai….
    lekin Pepsi ke saath ??….. nahi…nahi…. pepsi ke saath koi masti nahi ki hai….
    yaar m thinking abt ….K.. puzzle ka jawab bachpan ki masti ke saath associated hai…???

    spoon, tissue, straw….. issey kaise pata karogi yaar ke pepsi kounsi hai….

    aur tspoon and straw toh bachpan mein pata they….. tissue bade hone par pata chala…:roll:… tissue se wat are u going to do but, pepsi pine ke baad wiping out the face????

    Agar answer is damn simple … jaisa ke tum bol rahi ho…. Toh sach mein mujhe chullu bhar pepsi mein doob marna chahiye…….

    • lolzz… sundays are lazy days re…

      pepsi ke saath masti nai ki hogi..
      rasna frooti etc ke saath tho masti ki hogi naa πŸ˜‰
      thats wat m targetting at πŸ˜›

      bahut simple hai re.. itna mushkil nai hai..
      thoda logic.. thoda physics.. n a lil presence of mind..thats all.. πŸ˜‰
      try maar.. m sure difficult nai hai πŸ˜€

      • Carbon gas find karne waali ho kya? Abhi toh apne dostoon ke saath bahar jaa raha hoon… lekin i will be obsessed with the question… untill i find the answer……bahar jaane ke baad diet pepsi he order karunga… lolz…. doston ko bhi thodi akal lagane ko bolunga…. lekin promise me tat agar main aaj nahi pata kar paya toh…. kal u r going to give me logical solution to this…… πŸ™‚

  9. @vishu.. oi carbon gas n all is chemistry…

    dhoondo dhoondo jawaab dhoondo.. thodi akkal lagao πŸ˜›
    aahh…welll giving u an answer offline is better than giving you an answer online πŸ˜›

    but then do try to get a solution.. bahut simple hai re actually πŸ˜›

  10. Yikes , yet another stupid marketting gimmick by Pepsi and ranbir . both are stupid shallow and poisonous by nature , whats worse , they woo Deepika too ! I dont like this one bit ….I puke at pepsi and gosh what the hell is Youngistan ! sounds like Khabristan ! I like john lenon hell with regionalism .. I mean internationalism ! no more India ..I am not indian ..I belong to the world ! I aM A HIPPIE ! MAN iNDIAN Jingoism is a passe ..being a blogger you must encourage more deep thoughts than …say pepsi and Youngistan ! they are taking us for a ride ..and ranbir s the most retarded of them all ..Its high time we look at someone more curious and capable like say ..our rahul bose ..did you guys check out ..the Japanese wife ! man aweseome stuff ! we need people with more depth and stuff ! not Ranbir or ..PEPSI …Boo for this post !

    • whooaa..!!! someone’s on a roll with rants.. eh..
      you dont like pepsi dont drink no ones forcing..
      you dont like ranbir dont watch no ones forcing..
      if you think youngistan sounds like khabristan.. get a life.. u think everyone cares abt wat one person thinks…
      you like japanese ads.. go to japan.. u wud see loads there..

      as for my blogging style.. well thats me.. i do wat i like its my personal blog πŸ™‚
      suggestions and criticisms are welcome but rants no definitely not..
      so if u dont like wat i write.. you are free to ignore my blog..
      no one asked you to visit my blog and leave a comment wen u dont like the content.. you are free to visit the more reasonable and DEEP THINKER blogs and kindly ignore mine…
      so long suresh… stop commenting if you dont like my posts.. i dont care less if you dont comment πŸ™‚

    • you know siumthing
      i am happy the way i am.. i dont need someone like you to tell me if im narcissistic or not..
      i write what i like on my blog.. this is megzone not sureshzone.. so i write wat i like wat appeals to me.. so if you dont like wat i write.. i dont care a dime.. you are free to comment on people whose posts appeal to you..
      i dont need your permission abt wat i write on my blogs..
      when you blog for money did i ever comment on it.. no thats ur way of blogging its ur blog.. this is blog and i do it my way..

      take it or leave it i write wat i want.. u dont like it.. pls ignore.. and dont ever invade my blog with ur discouraging negative con-notated comments…

  11. Ravi says:

    That is for Ranbir to mull over! His headache !! This comment is for you if it can help you in winning the contest. πŸ™‚

  12. Well you bring about the quintessential debate to the fore … what is literature .. ? may be it is not blogging a country where ..76 people in CRPF is butchered as a reaction the ignorance of the government .. Where there is a place in Palakkad completely robbed of their ground water by Coco Cola ..where marketting is insanely robbing people of their very depth and charector ….I am wondering what is the place for such style of blogging ..May be self preservation ..self promotion ..Narcisst is too ..shallow a word ..may be lack of awareness ..may be lack of willingness ..may be your freedom .. yes ..freedom ..we can all choose to be what we want ..even when it is ..not something meaningful ..purposeful ..or soulful.. I could have read this and ignored this ..but I chose to express my opinion….Our words ..they the depth of our soul ..Choose your words carefully your thoughts ….You may get readers ..a million readers …You may get your freedom ..the way you choose ..but you remain closed an opinion.. a different point of view .. something that will take you outside of your thought process and let you help ..see ..things differently more open ..towards things..and thoughts will help you ..

  13. and why do you fear negative thoughts ..are you not sure of yourself ..that you be threatened by a rogue comment ! I am disgraced by they way you react s too shallow ..only too reflective of your psuedo warmth that is seen in the way you react to the positive comments ..Look your reaction is your mirror shows the real you to people who read things otherwise ! I love being engaged in a dialogue ..with people with a differance of opinion from mine ..It helps me ..grow ..may be to correct myself if I am wrong ..may be you should think like that too !

    • i need not fear negative thoughts..
      cos there is nothin in negativity to be feared… its not the satan.. and even if it is the glory of Godliness is enough to dispel any satanic medium there is..
      there is a difference in bein engaged in a dialogue and tryin to intimidate someone esp at their blog..
      i need not think like you cos we are 2 diff individuals with completely diff outlook towards life..
      so i think we are better off being ourselves

  14. May be you can block me ..but I am saying is funny ..enjoy the comedies of life the stupid negative comments of mine ..I m not serious ..I wanted to be sarcastic .But I never thought you would be so sensitive about ..PEPSI ..or Youngistan !

    • your negative comments dont have an ounce of comedy to it..
      all there is to it is your stupid connotations of wat you feel life is.. which it may or may not be…
      and your attitude to try and mould people and make them think like you..
      talkin abt sarcasm you dont have wat it takes to be sarcastic..
      and plus i hate sarcasm so you better watch out what you write in my blog..
      im a no nonsense gal wen it comes to my posts and blogs.. so please keep your words at check

  15. Nice and complicated challenge for sure i went nuts for a while reading all the comments in finding the answer πŸ™‚ btw check my challenge too and tell me how it is πŸ˜‰

  16. @sid…
    main kyaa karoo if people comment i cant tell them not to right??
    so when they do i jus reply.. πŸ˜‰
    winning or not winning is not in my hands anyways πŸ˜€
    and no the problem is actually very childish..
    ekdum simple funda hai πŸ˜€

  17. Wat is this all Dishyum Dishyum with some one quoting himself tat he is “stupid by nature”…..

    Well main yahaan uske like nahi prakat huaa hoon Balikey!

    Tumhare Question ke solution ne mujhe yahaan aane par vivash kiya hai….

    Toh hey Kanyaa….. iska jawaab prabhu(tat is me…prabhu vishu) se bhi solve nahi huaaa…..

    aaab iss maaya(suspense) ko khatm karo aur ….. Prabhu ki aur pariksha math loo…..

  18. Give me ek chootu sa hint…..
    Ek dum chootu sa….

    oru chinna hint kudtaal…adata minute naan… Vishu…. unn malai…satiyam panni solurein…. next minute answer publish pannavein…..

    Agar meri wat so called -tamil- samajh nahi aaye toh…m sorry (shayad padh ke tum apni tamil bhi bhool jao…. 2 saal ke baad jo try kar raha hoon)
    I wanted to say is:
    ke agar hint diya toh tumhari kasam next minue mein answer dey doongaa….
    ye vishu da promise hai

    • aaaiiinnngggggg……….
      how u knw tamil o_O
      seri tamil la sonnathu naala i will hint in tamil..
      kozhanthaiya irukarche juice elaam epdi kudiche…
      athey style.. juice kudikum bothu ethachum masti paniniiya..
      panirunthenaa ithu romba easy πŸ˜€

      now figure out πŸ˜€

  19. wow! seems like a science experiment! WOW! Ranbir will have to pull his brains out to solve this one! Great challenge and ALL the BEST!

    • aawww…thanks shashi..
      waise ranbir ko confuse karne ka iraada na tha..
      maanjra ye hai ke solution is very simple
      problem ye hai ke log logic nai use karte πŸ˜‰

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