Deluge Of Awards ~ 2

Deluge of awards -2

Once again I have been honoured with some lovely awards by my lovely friends…

It feels really great to receive such beautiful awards.. its an instant boost to my confidence and definitely a huge motivating factor….

So lets roll out the red carpet once again and let the awarding ceremony begin.. 🙂

Lights..!!! Camera…!! Action…!!!

The first award will be presented to Meggie by the sweetestest ever-motivating.. lovely JINGLE

The above two awards were given as a part of Thursday Poets Rally Week 14

Thank you sooo much sweet Jingle… 🙂

Jingle had recently conducted a Celebrate Poet of March on her blog and I was lucky enough to win the runners up awards with 7 votes..!!


Thank you soo much Ji 😀 it not only feels great but I feel honoured too 🙂

Thank you shoooooo much Ji.. 🙂

Dearest Abder of WordWand fame has given me a choice to pick up awards from him Array of awards..

and I pick up this one 😀

Simply cos I love it.. its cute

The beautiful Trisha has presented me with a lovely set of awards…

And from the looks of it I think she designed them.. a hearty applaud to her for her creativity and her poems are always different and a wonderful read 🙂

Thanks trisha dear.. that’s really sweet of you…

John the poet traveler has also been very sweet enough to present me with the Creative Poet Award.

I know im very late in accepting it my sincere apolgies 😦 for the same…

Thank you very much dear John.. 😀

The super cheerful fun filled Shakira presented me with three super awards and even the song Fergalicious..

that’s really very very sweet of you Shakira than you soo much..

Thank you shoooooo much dear Shakira it definitely brought a smile to my face 🙂

Vishu has been kind enough to honour me with the most Versatile blogger award…

thankiiess dear… 😀

19 thoughts on “Deluge Of Awards ~ 2

    • aawwww…THANK YOU for giving me the honours and most importantly givin me the wonderful opportunity to meet so many lovely poets and poetesses out ther…
      you are the sweeetest Ji 😀

  1. Poet Traveler says:


    Thank you for accepting the award.
    I am so honored to pass it to you. 🙂

    Love & Hugs!

    John 🙂
    Poet Traveler

  2. Now you are making me jealous …so many awards
    a loud
    just kidding 😀
    its really fab to have credit for the work you put in your heart,,,rock on
    as I work out for my first award ,,,hehehe

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