[Blog Ads] – Do The Blog…!!

ok after a long time.. the creative BUG has bitten me again…

After some motivation from the DUDE.. i have finally come up with some really original lines… 😛

ALBEIT I have indeed used the pics from elsewhere… 😕

I hope i made him proud with this..

Ton-Dude this ones for your motivation…. 🙂



I hope you guys liked them…
Do lemme know… with your usual lovely wonderful comments.. 🙂

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios…!!! :mrgreen:

PS – With this I hit 150 posts in this blogging world..!!!

Glad am I you bet…!!

150 posts 🙂

2300+ comments 😀

10000+ page hits.. 😉

all in a matter of 6 months what more can one ask for…??

Lemme bask in this glory…!!! 😀

22 thoughts on “[Blog Ads] – Do The Blog…!!

  1. dustus says:

    I LOVE cartoons! All of them in that image. So much fun to draw them. Thanks, Megz. Congrats on 150! Here’s to many more!
    cheerios 🙂

  2. Wow…..you’ve come up with some great original ideas!!
    And hey thanks a lot…did i motivate you?? Oh yeah….i remember now.he he he….copyright infringement…lol.. 😛
    You’ve made me proud Megz….sob..sob… 🙂
    Thanks for getting motivated by my stupid talk….lol….
    Super creative & ‘original’ stuff there!!
    Now you’re the rightful intellectual owner…..yay!!! 😀

    • aayee Dudeshwar baba,… jai ho… 😀
      dhanya ho gaye prabhu aapke darshan se..
      aapka dikhaya huaa marg bada kaam aaya…
      dhanya ho gaye ye jaankar ke aapko ye bahut pasand aaya 😀
      LOL 😆
      thanks for the motivation DUDE 😀

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