Anjaam e Gham…

Ok this time its a complete urdu-hindi poem..

and im sorry this is really tough to translate so i am keeping it as it is

I did try a bit translating themm.. but all my attempts were futile… cos i was never satisfied with the result and hence i am maintaining this in complete HINDI -URDU..

NON-HINDI readers please pardon me this time šŸ˜¦


Anjaam E Gham

Zindagi mein khushiyaan kam Mile..

Humein bas anjam e gham mile..


Lut gaye bhare bazaar..

Naa raha koi aazaar..

Aandhiyaa chal rahi jaise churiyaan..

Dekh rahi thi bas ye duniya..

Na pakda kisine haath..

Na diya kisine saath..

Zindagi mein khushiyiaan kam Mile..

Humein bas anjam e gham mile..

Tod gaya koi mera basera..

Reh gaya bas ek mitti ka dhera..

Pahuncha dil gehra thes yu..

Chal rahi ho jaise ghanghor loo..

kar raha pehra koi darinda..

na uddne de raha dil ka parinda..

Zindagi mein khushiyiaan kam Mile..

Humein bas anjam e gham mile..

Naa reh gayi jeene ki aas..

Naa aata mann ko kuch bhi raas..

Chaaro or bas cha gayi tanhaiyyaa..

Khafa mujse meri hi parchaiya..

Bebasi se hui yun mahroom..

Sannate hai gird-eĀ  hujoom..

Zindagi mein khushiyiaan kam Mile..

Humein bas anjam e gham mile..


I’m am but an amateur at URDU so in case i have made any mistakes i request you to please correct me.. šŸ™‚

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:


30 thoughts on “Anjaam e Gham…

  1. Wonderful! Your poetic skills are improving with time.

    But, try to write a positive poem na… ye padhkar to man šŸ˜¦ ho jaata hain šŸ˜„

    Keep writing and keep rocking šŸ˜€

  2. chechi says:

    very well written, Megs, am not brilliant at either Hindi or Urdu and hence not sure of the language skills, the pathos is very palpable though and would agree with another post that it appears to come straight from the heart!! if that is true tho, makes me sad and worry for you. Will keep you in my prayers as I strongly believe in the ability of the ALmighty to help us come thru such phases stronger and wiser! God bless!

    • aaaaawwww…thanks Chechi..
      i do belive that God would not gimme something that i cannot handle… HE knows my capabilities and capacities..
      if there is an obstacle HE will even show the solution šŸ™‚

  3. Garfy Boy says:

    guzri hai ik joker ki tarha yea zindagi apni
    maat deti rahi sada gham ko yea khushi apni
    dil-e-nadaan ka moasam jo bhi raha ho par sooraj
    hansaati rahi dunia ko yea zaahiri hansi apni

  4. Garfy Boy says:

    Tujhse bichar kar rota ho ga
    gham ko kitna samajta ho ga
    jin rahoon per chalta ho ga
    teri yaad main tahrpta ho ga
    tujhse jo na Keh sakta tha
    ab wo khod se kheti ho ga
    guzri battain guzre lamhain
    yaad kar ke wo rota ho ga
    fursat tum ko ho ke na ho
    khat phir bhi likhta ho ga
    aur likh ke, jalane se kuch phele
    un ko wo khud bhi parhta ho ga

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