::Hidden..!!! ::

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Perfect association

Absolute compatibility

Friendship begun

Inhibitions set free

Soon it blossomed to love

Neither ever realised

Eyes met and rebuffed

Nothing formalised

One day I confessed

A shock bathed him

Feelings professed

My quiet love hymn

Silent and serene

Expressionless he sat

Though I was keen

Tearful combat

He picked piece of paper

Scribbled some random things

Wondering what to confer

Was he playing with heart-strings?

In every breath, quickened pulse

Pondering and staring times, a million

At the scrawling numerals

9 12 15 22 5 25 15 21

Raised eyebrows, seething looks

Wondering what to construe

Brooding over a hundred books

Unlocking the darned clue

Musing and rattling

Chiding him consistently

Inner turmoil battling

Rebuking persistently

Years rolled by with no luck

The cryptic lay unanswered

One fine day gathering pluck

Embarked to his home undeterred

Rolled out the sheet asked explanation

Teasingly smiled scribbled “I love you..”

Jumping in glee, I screamed in elation                        

Revelling in love & his hidden clue


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I hope you guys liked it.. do leave in your comments…


44 thoughts on “::Hidden..!!! ::

  1. Hey Megz..the most interesting poem on this subject so far..hahaha..What a witty love she found! Very intelligent HIDDEN meaning…OSUM girl. Meg rocks for me at BAT!! 😉 know what i mean?
    but what happend to your template?
    Me not likes…For a romantic soul like urs a grey blogspot???

    • aawww….thanks Vibzy…
      areeee…BLACK is mysterious 😛
      its fun it has its own charms and i love black
      and puhleaaseee im die hard romantic but i cant put PINK for godsakes 😦

    • LOL 😆
      wahi tho batana thaa.. ke log aise bhi karte hai 😛
      i was reading a book where a guy wrote a whole poem to his crush in numerals and she stayed up all night decoding them 😛

    • /you are on a poetic roll this week..
      lovely poem. great flow again../
      awww…thanks dear 🙂
      this did take some time coming.. and it took Dan Brown to inspire me 😛

      /i wasn’t able to comment for ur BPL poem, but it was THE best i felt!/
      aaahhh that okieeee no probby,, 🙂
      best of luck to you too 🙂

  2. Brijender says:

    For once, a happy interpretation to Hidden !
    Very cheerful,very exuberant-can almost feel the exhilaration towards the end-certain to put a smile on your face !

  3. Dishit says:

    actually i kinda off figured it out in the first glance so didnt enjoy the poem as normally would – but liked the concept!

    • smart bhi and intellectual bhi 😛
      haan poor with numbers tho band baj jayegi yaar… 😦
      socho aisa koi mil gaya tho saari umar guzar jayegi yaar fiogure out karne mein 😦

  4. well i loved it … and the way you have set it about is also good
    and for a change i understood , cause i am a bit thick and things dont come easy to me 🙂

    well done

  5. Can’t believe you wrote this marvelous thing after we talked, you were messing with me na when you told you do not have a post…tis is wonderful re….:D

    • heeheeheheee 😀
      thanks to ur idiotic ideas.. that made me turn off the Lappie and sit with DAN BROWN’s DIGITAL FORTRESS 😀
      tab jaake aaya ye poem 😛

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