~::~Will the Shadows Lift..?? ~::~

Another poetry and this time its POETIC COCKTAIL..

If you are wondering what it means… well its simple… My friend Nithy and me have come up with this COLLABORATIVE POETRY…

where in each have contributed 8LINES….which i have demarcated using different colours…

I hope you guys like this… 😀


Will the shadows lift…??


I live a life where am not happy

I have a feeling which says you are losing out

We don’t talk, we don’t converse

We exist far apart

Life moves on but i linger

Hoping one day I’ll get what i want from you

I can’t force you neither can i beg

All i can do is wait… that i do on a bed of arrows

I fall down but i don’t break

The hope in me doesn’t flicker

The yearning eyes keep the fire burning

And my life moves by the ticker

I may move on but the dream doesn’t die

Standing by the shores yet another sunset

Awaiting for the dawn break in my life

Sunrays streaming brightening lonely nights



Do lemme know your thoughts on this… 🙂


Thats it from Megzone for now..!!!

Keep Smiling..! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging…!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

8 thoughts on “~::~Will the Shadows Lift..?? ~::~

  1. Dishit says:

    you have written the second part! shouldnt be wrong on this one….

    //The yearning eyes keep the fire burning

    dont burn so much that i can see the flames from here in kandivali 😉

    its beautiful re…

    • yess.. you are absolutely right DISH 😀
      waah waah.. you read my writings pretty carefully to notice such nuances 😛

      zyada door nai hai bey kandivli 😛
      im put up in KHAR for some days with my naani 😉
      isliye shayad flames dikhe 😛

  2. dustus says:

    Fantastic collaboration. “I may move on but the dream doesn’t die / Standing by the shores yet another sunset” My favorite lines. Conjures a sighing sadness. Wonderful picture too.

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