Earth Circa- 2525

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 Meet the team : Ritu Lalit Deepak Amembal Bikram Mann Vibhuti Bhandarkar Karthik Manna Meghana Subramanian Deepti Raman The Image in This Post is a Teamwork by THE BLUE INK SOCIETY

51 thoughts on “Earth Circa- 2525

  1. Hey Megzzzy,
    AMAZING is not the word..Awesome will be rating it less..
    MIND-Blowing may come close to what I feel this poem is..
    You have given more than what they’d asked for..
    A fabulously illustrated apt poem that communicates loud and clear ‘Save the Earth’ befor elife burns away…
    I’m sure people will wake up to environment consciousness after reading a ‘fiery’ poem (as Ritu Di has called it) like this one!
    Kudos girl
    ATB for BPL round 5..
    proud of u TEamie

    • awww…Vibzy… that was some compliment you gave me gal 😀
      thank yooouuu for the motivation and encouragement that could help me churn out this one 🙂

      ATB to you toooo 😀

  2. Move over, I hunt creative posts and I think I’ve got my rabbit!! Superb post Megz. Right from the conceptualization, till the thoughts, and the presentation – impressive! Good luck! 🙂

    • awww..Arif that was a super compliment you gave there 🙂

      /Right from the conceptualization, till the thoughts, and the presentation – impressive!/
      aawww,…thank you Good luck! to you too 😀

  3. Sree says:

    Hahaa…mast poem re Tigrrr!! 😀
    Desert Rose suna tha…ab Yawning! 😉
    All the best!! 😀
    Lovely presentation! 😀

    • heeheehee..thanks laalten…
      haan re rose tho saare murjha gaye naa.. isliye ab desert yawn kar rahe hai 😛

      thanks re.. all the best to you tooo 😀

  4. curtisbell says:

    Let’s hope earth doesn’t end up like this. Other than that, I really like the dystopic and catastrophic imagery. The picture amplifies these scorching words. Great job!

  5. i would still say……i can’t get poems…..though the words are easier to understand…….but it’s not just words most of the times…….. khuda jaane kyu….mujhe poems feel hi nahi hoti……… 😦

    • tu nalayak hai…. dufferr hai… bewakoof hai…
      gadha hai..
      itna simple poem nai samjhing tho main aur kyaa bolu 😐
      kis mitti ka bana hai bey…?? 🙄

  6. vivek singh says:

    nice poem indeed!! and now i should say the winning poem… nice imaginary!!!
    great work madame!!!
    congrats for the win 🙂

  7. I was right in hunting my creative rabbit!! 😀
    Although you were my competitor in this category (poem/illustrative on Earth), I knew this post had good chances of making it as No.1 in this round. And what do we see, we both shared the top spot! Congrats creative Meg! 🙂 Well done! Good luck for the next rounds, hope to see more creative stuff from megzone!

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