~::~ Tag–Me-(K)now ~::~

Ok the title was my idiosyncratic self trying to a touch-me-not meets (K)Now effect…Err… ok wateva…!!

Stoppp…don’t roll your eyes so much that they get lost in ur eye-socket..

Eehh..Okkk that was gross…

Wonder what made me say that..Err..Type that…Grrrrr..Wateva..!!!

Yeaaa So Raji tagged me in the internal blogs to spill 7 beans about me… err…things you peeps dunno…

Sooo…eerrmmm… it’s my time now

So here are 7 things you peeps dunno about me… (Atleast I think you guys dunno about me… )

So let’s get started…

Bean #1 – I’m a Dancer ~

Oh welll…some of you know this… but for the rest of you who know me but yet dunno me well.. This might be a shocker … I am a partially trained classical dancer-yes had to give up after 4yrs for my boards… and sigh!! Never got back to my Bharatnatyam after that except for the semi-classical film songs that we danced in competitions…. And apart from that I am a free-style (WATS now called contemporary) dancer… All I need is good music and u can see my foot tapping.. Errr..Sometimes also a glazed look in my eyes and a stiff neck… err.. No nothing wrong.. I might be jus rehearsing/composing steps for a song..Errrrrr… in my mind.. All through school & college I have been dancing and have quite some prizes and certificates to prove the same.. Albeit then I excelled in fusion dance…

And apart from dance, I am also creatively inclined into many things like Mehndi, glass painting, zardosi-work, best out of waste.. Err I dunno how else to put that.. Cos I end up making flower vases of empty Pringles cartons and many other thing… have lost touch with all of these but I’m slowly picking up on the Dance front again… Yepp latest composition is “tsaminamina eh eh waka waka eh eh” oh yes but im yet to perfect the Shakira steps… So Yepp..That’s me..!!!

Bean #2 – I’m a very good Cook ~

Don’t you dare wrinkle that nose of yours and/or roll your eyes… this is a fact.. .and I do have people who can vouch for that (errr…Without threats/killer looks that is)… I can cook really well.. Except that I am not your clichéd archetypical cook who does the usual meals… I would rather be termed as an experimental Chef… Cos m very good at experimenting with food and fortunately the LORD has bestowed me with some good hands and a good sense of cooking that the concoctions I prepare are definitely a winner.. 

I remember the first time I ever made Pasta Neapolitan [Don’t scrunch your face wondering what the heck on earth is that… o_O  Cos… well.. for a long I too dint know it’s called Neapolitan.. for me it was always pasta in red sauce ] Yeaa so my first tryst with Pasta Neapolitan, I had made for my bro’s lunch box.. I guess I was in junior college then.. 11-12th… and the whole day I was wondering he’s gonna come back home with a whip..!! And tadaaannggg the phone rang at 1.30pm… with a big shadow of foreboding overcast on my face I picked up the phone to have everyone screaming at the top of the voice “it was gooodddd.. It was gooodddd.. Next Saturday bhi pleasseee.. We will treat you to Baskin&Robbins.. But next bhi pleasseee…..” and I had a huge SMILE on my face since then… Everytime I cook anything new… it’s a complete exhilarating and liberating feeling.. But everytime the tasting time comes m filled with apprehension it’s only when my Dad or Bro smile that my heart whoops in joy – Mission Accomplished…!!

Oh btw people around Mumbai can come to the Winchester office cos I have Pasta Neapolitan in lunch today..

Bean #3 – I am Phobic ~

Don’t ask me what phobia?? Cos frankly I have a phobia about everything.. Errr.. Weird phobias in other words.. Like for e.g.. I usual wear lenses, now if a see a barbed wire in mound on the way to somewhere, I have a phobia that I will slip n fall near the wire and it wud pierce my eyes tearing my lenses

Seriously weird phobias believe me or not.. When I see a slightly medium-big sized stone on the road or a pothole, I get a trepidation that I’m gonna trip n fall..  For a long time I used to fear standing on the footboard of the Mumbai locals, cos I feared the train wud give a lurk and im gonna fall down.. when the bus/train would be on a bridge I wud always fear that the bridge wud break and the bus/train is gonna fall down or that we are gonna braze the edges and fall off… infact the heights of my fear was such that whenever I saw a train from the opposite side I wud fear that we are gonna collide…

Ok take a deep breath peeps.. I’m better now.. I don’t think anythin if I see anything…

Bean #4 – I’m a music maniac ~

Well some of you know this.. But some don’t … So this one is for those who dunno..

Yes, IM A COMPLETE MUSIC MANIAC.. I need music in my ears all the time.. Trust me guys, even when m sleeping I keep the volume on the minimum put my IPhone on speaker and place it under my pillow.. That way it doesn’t disturb others but I can still hear the songs.. I need music especially when I’m under anxiety of deliverables.. I have to plug in music to me calm n at peace J I listen to a lot of classical music too.. Both Hindustani and Carnatic.. I do know a couple of ragas… I think I can sing but my mom thinks otherwise.. any of you music pundits interested in checking out my singing prowess…

Bean #5 – Fetish for Chinese food

Yaaa I have a complete fetish for Chinese food… my classes-friends can vouch for that.. Where ever we end up going for treat it always has atleast one Chinese dish to satiate my Chinese craving tummy… especially Szechuan noodles…

There is this restaurant called DPs in Matunga, where my classes are (Welingkars) so every weekend in our lunch breaks they simply decide wat to order and don’t even bother asking me cos they know im gonna order “same-old-clichéd-Szechuan-Noodles” as my friend Kari puts it J infact there was one day when we went there for lunch but the Chinese wasn’t ready yet.. so with no choice left [brace yourself people] I order Szechuan Dosa.. and yes the rest were either or and then “tera kuch nai ho sakta… kisi chini se shaadi karle”  (you are impossible.. better get married to some Chinese) – Krups blabbers.. And yes I can make pretty good Chinese fare too… except maybe soups.. Im yet to master the art of soup making

 Bean #6 – I hate creepy crawlies

 I hate anything that’s an insect n crawls.. Cockroaches, centipedes, millipedes worst of all earthworms even the worms in some fruits n vegetables… ywaackkkk…. *sick smiley*

Arrrrghhh………. I just hate them.. I can’t even stand them… and imagine *me poor me* plight when I had to stay at my granny’s place recently in Khar… Well the house is high maintenance and well maintained too, but it’s on the ground floor that has white tiling so obviously the gaps in between the tiles are brown…Imagine my plight when I reach home one evening and went to the bathroom to wash my feet, the moment I open the water tap I see the gaps in between the tiles wriggle n move.. I thot I was hallucinating but then only certain tiles were doing that.. And then.. OMG I saw a couple of earthworms… Gosh!!!! I shrieked and screamed at the top of my voice and ran out of the bathroom and straight into my bamboozled Mumma’s arms.. They got petrified wondering what happened to me cos I was as pale as chalk as if I had seen a ghost.. For a few moments I couldn’t even utter a word… she took me to the bathroom and I showed her the floor Yeaa yea like you guys she was laughing her heart out.. Poor granny who was equally frightened was laughing at my plight… Grrrrr… and the idiotic shock wasn’t enough for my innocent heart that I had to get a sound hearing from my mom for creating a “not-required-ruckus” as she put it… Grrrrr… Darn!! You earthwormies..

Bean #7 I am Spiritual & Freak

OK 2 opposite things but rolled in one… errr..Rolled in me…

No I am not religious… M plain spiritual…I don’t go to temples often rather when I feel like I need to be there.. I don’t go to temples cos I have to go… I go when I want to go…The vibrations and serenity of the place brings me inner calm… I am not religious but then there are certain things I follow in my daily life to the letter… I am in some ways a cleanliness freak so the moment I wake I need to brush and bathe… I can’t think of opening my mouth to even say gud morning unless I have brushed my teeth… And I don’t do anything till I finish my usual morning rituals which is my shlokas, Pooja et al.. Only then do I even watch TV or login online… if you see me online on FB in the morning around 7-7.30 be assured that my Pooja is done and hence m online..

 I’m a freak when it comes to cleanliness… no I don’t say my whole house is spic n span.. But atleast wherever I am, that area – around me will be neat… I can’t tolerate water on the floor… yes bathroom/toilet or even room floors need to be dry.. I hate my feet getting dirty.. So I always wear chappals at home.. No I don’t suffer any pain like Sree does but I hate things sticking under my feet.. So the floor has to be super clean or I’m wearing slippers..

Phew!!!! That’s it about me…

I guess this much insight is enough for now… I’m not sure how much of these how many of you know… but then.. These are some things not everyone knows about me…

Do lemme know how you guys found this…

as for me I am Tagging – Sush, Tavs, Hitesh, Vibzy and Zorro

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!!

Keep Smiling..! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging…!!



37 thoughts on “~::~ Tag–Me-(K)now ~::~

  1. wow, that’s definitely a lot of things we dont knw abt u megzzz!!!

    it may sound wierd, but i would have put all these points on my list too, except for the choice in music and the dancer part (though ppl say I dance extremely well, but I’m not trained or anything 😉 it’s a gift what to tell you.. hehe)

  2. Viola says:

    Sorry sweetie about not reading you for a few days, the truth is I lost your blog. Something happen to your link and a few more of my steady bloggers that I read. However due to my husband illness I can’t always read as much as I do other times. So forgive me if I miss a few of your post. However at times I would love for you to popped over and read someof my work when I leave you a link to it. Your being a dancer don’t shock me at all. I always knew you had special talents. I wish I could dance but i have two left feet. LOL However, I do love trying. You have a good day sweetie.

  3. ha. some fun insights…cool about the dance…my wife was a ballerina and i took some ballroom classes with her…i also love chinese food!

  4. who wouldn’t want to be the one who lived next door to you..food, entertainment an all around beautiful person..such fun to read and I didn’t roll my eyes once..errr I promise.

    • aawww…. people staying around me hardly realise that what they have with them is an Entertainment Package 😛
      thanks for not rolling your eyes dear 😀

  5. This is a fantastic blog you have here. I visit here every week. I have already subscribed to your rss feed to help me stay update with your publication. Are you on twitter so that I can follow you?

  6. by god ki kasam which one was the best…. 😀

    chal fir bhi…..tere liye jaa maine bhi kar diyaa…yeh post complete…….jaa khush ho jaa……”jaa jee le teri zindigi”


  7. Santosh says:

    Man…. never realised that there was so much to you……

    Btw, “but im yet to perfect the Shakira steps” – that I got to see when perfected!!!! 😉

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