~::~ Polly And The Bird..!! ~::~


~::~ Polly & The Bird ~::~

Little Polly had a bird

One that never spoke a word

Try as she might

Beak shut tight

Not a twitter it murmured


Yellow and blue feathers

Lovely hued tethers

Golden brown beak

Not a chirpy squeak

Just mute in all weathers


Cried little Polly

Loved it more than her dolly

But wouldn’t listen to her

Never a small whisper

Silent as if it was folly


Crying her heart out

All Polly did was pout

One day came bird catcher

Who was a constant watcher

And was a bird lout


He approached noiselessly

The bird watched wordlessly

He picked up her cage

Bird shouted in rage

Called out to Polly helplessly


Polly saw the thug

She pulled out a mug

Threw at him, he fainted

The bird unhurt, untainted

Perched on Polly’s rug


At last Bird spoke amiably

&Polly became all bubbly

Such a divine tone

& spoke everything it had known

Chattering continuous affably


Never did it then stop

With every word a hop

Polly was most glad

Never ever was she sad

And they chitchatted non-stop

20 thoughts on “~::~ Polly And The Bird..!! ~::~

  1. RoH says:

    Superrrrrr 🙂
    You are getting better with each poem re.. I loved the way you described the bird 😀
    Kids will love this story 😀
    Masttttttttttttt poem! Ekdum mast! 🙂

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